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Warts or Condylomata acuminate are a venereal disorder that is sexually passed on by people from the age of seventeen to about thirty-three. The name of the infection is HPV (Human Papillomavirus) and brings about eruption of genital warts. Though various types of viruses are found with Hpv, these types of genital warts generally occur by the types 6 and 11. Women notice them around their anus, inside or around the vaginal canal, cervix and thighs while many people detect these warts on the upper thighs, urethra, male organ or anal areas. These genital warts look like clusters of cauliflower and seem like small fleshy appendages and are light gray in color. It is possible to get rid of these genital warts in several ways.

Based on the kind of infection which you are affected, you need to find the correct genital wart treatment. It is vital to reduce the presence of the infection and check out the genital warts and the presence around the genital regions. You may attempt to use any of the treatments recommended below.

Using topical gels or creams such as wartrol is recommended by medical doctors since they may be put on the affected locations. Some of these creams/gels are Podofilox, Imiquimod, Sinecatechins and various others. It’s possible to get rid of these genital warts by using such medication in a few days.

Another type of therapy recommended is Cryotherapy when nitrogen in the form of liquid is placed directly to the warts. The physician does this to freeze the warts. Blisters may occur and when the genital warts are removed, there is development of new skin. The negative effects recorded with this therapy are minimal and hence many individuals might opt for this therapy.

The other therapy recommended is Electrocautery where the affected individual is applied anesthesia. The physician tries to remove the warts with electric energy. Such a treatment might cause specific negative effects.

Laser therapy is likewise suggested for eliminating the warts effectively. The sufferer is given local anesthesia during the therapy. A laserlight with high-intensity is applied on the genital warts to eliminate them.

Surgical procedure is also offered by medical doctors for removing these kinds of warts. The cosmetic surgeon performs the surgery after providing sedation to the affected person.

Some doctors advocate the usage of Vitamin E skin oil. It is placed with some crushed garlic on the afflicted location. An adhesive tape is then used to protect the area. This might help the genital warts to completely disappear within a week.

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