Coping With Abuse Of Drugs

June 6, 2012 0 Comments

It’s not easy to understand addiction even for those individuals who have to deal with addicts and their problems. Addiction has been described as a disease but some people believe it to be a choice. Whatever the case might be, the problem of drug addiction has been escalating over the years and regardless of what mankind has gone through (wars, economic crisis, catastrophic earthquakes and Tsunami), drugs and their abuse have prevailed and actually grown.

It is crucial to get a better grip on addiction by understanding addiction from a viewpoint that it is an illness. The confusion around what drug abuse is that it is difficult for most of the people to understand it as the disease that some people believe it to be and to successfully deal with it from that viewpoint. We might not be inquiring about the right questions as defining whether addiction is an illness or a choice is difficult. There are too many doubts and too much uncertainty; this could be the reason that so many people relapse. People who work in centers for drug rehab always have to question themselves for more failure than success.

What are we missing?

The question of why drug addiction exists has been considered by researchers and academics to such an extent that some have gone to finding the answer in how individuals’ brains are wired. If there was a gene that may explain why some individuals get obsessed with drugs then we would have a better time dealing with drug addiction. There might be no clinical explanation, no answer to be found under a microscope; the only important thing really is to help those in recovery and not give rise to the problems they already have.

Going Cold turkey seems like a simple approach to kick a drug habit but if your body has developed a tolerance to the drug to an extent where it feels like it cannot function without it, makes kicking an addiction in this way difficult . The physical symptoms can be very painful and it is something that most addicts cannot withstand. It might look easy saying that it is mandatory pain because the body is only trying to heal itself but it won’t feel like that, it’s going to feel as if the body is being torn from inside. There is an easier way but it is not pain-free. The drug can be withdrawn in a controlled manner at a detoxification center. Going cold turkey is probably not a good idea for some people because addiction for certain individuals is more than just something that requires a solid will to break.

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