Deer Antler Supplement: Latest Research

August 2, 2012 0 Comments

By James Brown

Deer Antler supplements are a somewhat obscure dietary supplement. We do not hear much about it, but perhaps it is important to explore it and determine exactly what it can or cannot do for us.

Facts indicate that deer velvet antler tonic use was first noted in Hunan China on an ancient scroll along with several deer carcasses that were also included in a tomb with the scroll. This tomb was over 2,000 years old. Archeologists surmise that for medical uses deer were farmed even that long ago. Apparently, deer antler was used for various ailments even up to the 1800’s.

In this country tame or domesticated elk are the main source of velvet antler supplements. Because these elk are bigger and healthier than those in other countries it is also a source for markets in Asia.

The procedure for collection of this antler velvet is done without any danger to the host animals. Harvesting is completed once each year in the spring “velvet” stage of antler growth. This is when the antlers are soft with cartilage like state. It is also the time of peak potency of the make up of the velvet.

Research continues to determine whether deer antler could possibly be effective to the growth of blood cells. Perhaps this could be because of its tendency to support oxygen uptake to various organs, including the brain, kidneys, and liver.

Deer Antler supplement is able to increase dilation of the bodies blood vessels, and therefore, decrease a person’s blood pressure. Also, this would aide the body in protection against stress.

There is even more positive issues with this supplement, including; the fact that it is rich rapidly growing tissue containing several growth elements. It can produce 50 pounds of additional bone in two months. In the future this may be a boon to persons with osteoporosis, for bone grafts, healing fractures and even aid patients with bone cancer. Some scientific research also claims that this supplement may reduce the signs usually associated with senility and dementia.

Since deer antler velvet grows new tissue at such an amazing pace, and; is so rich in so many cell types which are necessary for growing bones and tissue it would be extremely beneficial for those with traumatic injuries and devastating diseases such as fibroblasts, chondrocytes, and even more. This supplement is also high in calcium and phosphates that are crucial for healthy growing bones and tissue.

There is even more research that provides that deer velvet antler may aid in healing nerve tissue because of its ability to enhance glycosis to nerve tissue. This along with the information we have that deer antler has effectiveness against arthritis shows that this supplement has numerous benefits.

When you consider that over 50 million people in North America suffer from osteoarthritis and other joint injuries that adds up to a great deal of pain and suffering. This is the case with many of our aging pets as well. Anything that will help is very important.

James Brown is retired from The United States Air Force and is passionate about health and fitness. James conducts research in the areas of natural dietary supplements as it relates to the health benefits of deer antler sujpplement. You may obtain additional iformation on the amazing health benefits of deer antler by going to:=>Deer Antler Supplement Benefits

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