Dental Uniforms Are Worth Your Respect

June 1, 2012 0 Comments

We have a profound respect for anyone who puts on medical uniforms day in day out in our society. For so many people the idea of having a job that could literally be a matter of life or death at a given time can be so incredibly scary that it leaves us collectively uncomfortable about the idea of meaningful work all together. Working in healthcare is hard and the pressure never seems to let up. We look at a lab coat or some form of medical scrubs and we are immediately impressed by the implied amount of education and expertise these garments suggest. Nurses, doctors, surgeons, save lives and as people who understand that life is precious we are lead to raise these people up on pedestals.

Then there are dentists. Doctors and nurses work in dentists office and wear dental uniforms that are, more often than not, identical to medical uniforms and yet for some reason there is a collective drop down on the ladder for these folks. It is assumed that their expertise is less earned and somehow less important but honestly this is not true. The amount of pain a sore tooth or a cavity can cause should be enough to convince any and all nay-sayers that dentistry is almost as important as any other branch of the medical profession. Understanding how to save teeth is about allowing for continued comfort, continued aesthetic acceptance, and the ability to chew food. It may not seem like life and death but in the moment of excruciating pain it sure can start to.

We look at everyone who wears a stethoscope and a set of Cherokee scrubs like they are the heroes we see on television medical shows. Suddenly then we are left mostly annoyed and embittered when someone introduced to us as a doctor turns out to be a dentist or a nurse turns out to be a dental nurse. Little do we realize that without these very people in their dental uniforms we might all be eating Jello for dinner and soup for lunch every meal.

I think we should respect the dental uniform in the same way we respect the medical uniform. There is no reason for us to down grade these folks in any way. They deserve credit for taking on the hard work in an under appreciated and highly skilled profession. It is a significant undertaking and one nobody who has ever had a tooth ache should take even the least bit for granted.

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