Destructive End Result Of Drug Abuse

July 7, 2012 0 Comments

Individuals utilize drugs in many different ways. Some utilize them to cure ailments and illnesses; others utilize them as maintenance. But there are people who try out the usage of drugs, out of interest or even because of pressure from peers. These individuals who use drugs beyond its therapeutic function are more popularly known as drug addicts.

Drug addiction has become a world distributed dilemma. Now days many people are becoming drug addicts the problem is that they are unaware of the harmful effects of drug addiction.

Here are some substance abuse effects that a person needs to be conscious of:

Change In the Physical Aspect – There are certain modifications that an individual should be aware of because of substance abuse effects. Such changes would include change in sleeping pattern or difficulty in sleeping, alternation in appetite or change in weight based on the substance being consumed and gastro intestinal upset. Other substances would lead to blood shot eyes or imperforated nasal septum found in Indian hemp and cocaine addicts. Because of these changes you are more susceptible to illness and infection. The worst part is that this could lead you to your demise.

Unexplained Change in Personality – Individuals affected by drugs or those who abuse drugs are noticed to have noted changes in character. These would include moodiness, euphoria, mania, insufficient inhibitions, and being physically and emotionally violent. Making them more prone to committing crimes, undesired pregnancy and sexually transmitted infection.

Poor Performance in Work or School – Drug addicts have a marked decline in the performance in work and school. Bad work ethics, lack of concentration in doing tasks, lack of ability to finish work, absenteeism, lack of drive and motivation are some of many things that a person can notice from drug addicts. These individuals are regarded as unable to make a healthy relationship with others and they are unemployable.

These are just a few of the effects of substance abuse that you need to watch out for. If one continues to be enslaved by drug addiction then a bright future is far away from you. Then again, there is always room for change and the people around us will always be ready to help as long as we are open to change.

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