Details Of Addiction To Drugs

July 26, 2012 0 Comments

The problem on drug abuse now becomes the main concern of individuals in the medical career. Drug abuse becomes very vital issue, leading the researchers to exert extra effort in doing research for its complexities. This issue also leaves the government no other choice, but to find ways of eliminating the problem.

As defined, drug addiction is severe disorder of the brain, which incites a compulsive behavior of looking for drugs in the victim. The victim is usually not mindful of the danger that the drug causes him as well as that of the others along with relapses as he attempts to quit using it and get clean. These are among the drug abuse facts that often noticed to those dependent on it. Drug addiction tends to alter the structure and functioning of the brain, resulting in drug addiction. The chemicals from the drugs enter the communication system of the brain and change how it transmits, receives, and absorbs the facts. Frequent abuse of drugs results in loses of self-control and distortion of his lording it over. He may find it hard to refrain from using drug because of the changes made by the drug to the brain, but not because of his weak physical health.

Drug abuse and addiction is regarded as one of the main reasons for millions of dollars costs lose in society, specifically in terms of criminal and health costs. Based on the data of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), the U.S. lost $181 billion because of illicit drug abuse, $168 billion from tobacco usage, and $185 billion from alcohol use. School failure, broken homes, lost employment, child abuse, and domestic violence are among the other costly effects of drug abuse.

However, there really is no certain way on how to determine the drug abuse symptoms. Experts note that the likelihood of drug addiction is dependent on the social surroundings, development stage, maturity, or body of the drug user. Individuals who are vulnerable to its risks are those who likely become victims of the addiction. Risk to drug abuse may also include ethnicity, gender, genes, and environmental influences. Stress, parents’ involvement level, peer pressure, and different forms of drug abuse are also contributory to abuse and addiction to drugs.

Should have the above-mentioned signs and experiences in using the drug you are now taking, it is better if you see your doctor before you become addicted to it. Always remember to get help in coping with it and in recovering from it.

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