Diabetes Mellitus Getting Worse Every Day

June 15, 2012 0 Comments

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Diabetes is now the fastest growing disease on the planet and it seems to be getting worse every day. At the current rate of infection it certainly looks like it is an infectious disease but it is not, never has been and never will be. The reason that diabetes is growing so fast is because of stress.

Science has proved that in order to become a diabetic at all you need to have two sets of chromosomes in your body. These chromosomes are called D3 and D4 and the only way that you can get them is to inherit them from your parents.

But diabetes has now reached epidemic proportions and although the medical profession will tell you that you cannot cure diabetes they do not tell you that you can make a big difference. In fact there has been hundreds of known diabetic that have cured themselves of diabetes naturally.

If you want to know how to cure diabetes naturally then you need to be prepared to do some work on changing your habits. These habits are usually bad eating habits which have been identified as one of the major cures to the onset of diabetes or getting a pre-diabetic situation in your body.

There certainly are practical ways that are available to cure diabetes but even if they do not cure your diabetes permanently and you still have to remain on medication they will improve your health. They will certainly make a big difference to the way that your body reacts to glucose.

This is something that will not happen overnight and it needs to be a change of lifestyle and not just a “diet” that you try. There are very practical step by step methods that you can use in order to get the extra weight off your body that you are carrying.

Losing that fat will make a huge difference to the way that your body reacts to food generally. It is very important that you need to take control of your appetite and stop “impulse eating” when you are hungry. This is what caused you to pick up weight in the first place.

If you are able to plan your meals ahead then you will be able to effectively stop the impulse eating that has controlled you so far. This is done by thinking ahead and planning your meals before you leave the house for the day. It might sound like a chore but it works.

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