Different Ways To Exercise

August 23, 2012 0 Comments

By Winston Takeda

More and more people these days are discovering the necessity to exercise. It’s been shown that people who exercise regularly have lower stress levels, live longer, and generally have happier lives. Of course, this doesn’t mean you’ve got to spend hours in the gym every night. There are plenty of ways to get your exercise in without really feeling like you’re doing any work. The trick is to choose something you enjoy, that also will make you work up a sweat. That way, you can focus more on the enjoyment part, rather than the sweating part.


This is a great way to ease into any exercise program. You don’t need much equipment or time. Just go outside and start walking. Walk for ten minutes at first. When this becomes easy, walk further and further. Pretty soon you’ll find plenty of secondary benefits. Many have likened walking to a kind of meditation. So long as you aren’t blasting your ears with pop music, it’s a great time to think about the important things in life.


People used to think that weights, either free weights or weight machines, were only for muscle heads that were trying to win bodybuilding competitions. The truth is that by building up some lean muscle, you’ll increase your metabolism. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is becoming more popular. It build lean muscle without building a lot of mass. It’s great way to blow off steam while being social at the same time.

Team Sports

Participating in a sport is a great way to exercise without really thinking you are exercising. You’re so focused on playing the game, that you lose all idea of working out. Soccer is great, because you don’t really need any equipment except maybe some special shoes. Basketball is also a good way to get some exercise in, as you just need to go down to the park and participate in a pick-up game. Other sports like baseball, football or even rugby are also getting more popular.

Individual Sports

Sports like racquetball, squash, badminton and tennis are becoming more popular as well. You can play with as little as two people. It’s a great way to spend an hour or two having a lot of fun. Many cities have free courts that anybody can play on. The equipment is minimal, and there are plenty of free books and videos available that can teach you how to play.

So you see, getting enough exercise is easy. Just find something active you like to do, and do it.

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