Do You Know The Symptoms Of Asbestos Exposure And What Do You Do If You’ve Got Them?

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By Wade Anders

If you were exposed to asbestos in almost any of the many forms and products, you may be curious about asbestos exposure symptoms. With the “incubation” of the asbestos related medical conditions such as Mesothelioma being 20 to 50 years before signs and symptoms of exposure to asbestos make themselves known, it is critical to know what to look out for.

Asbestos has been used in almost all phases in the building industry for many decades. It was in everything from wall-board, to concrete, to insulation, for any kind of fire-proof material. It was in heat proof gloves, in vinyl style floors, and used to insulate hair dryers and ranges. It was everywhere. People who were associated with any one of the building trades, People who were involved in the mining of asbestos (it’s actually a mined mineral that looks very fibrous), also managed to bring this toxic material home via the asbestos particles that clung to their clothes, which also placed their family in danger.

What is causing asbestos exposure symptoms?

The issues begin when this needle-like mineral dust is breathed in. These tiny fibers imbed themselves deep inside the lungs. These needle like particles are subsequently worked thru the walls of the lungs to the outer, and this damage is the start of ailments like Asbestos. The outer layer of the lung tissue is called the Pleura (it is a membrane that is all around the lungs), this type of cancer is referred to as Pleural Mesothelioma. When the asbestos is first breathed in, in the event the needle-like fibers are coughed up, then swallowed, a similar process might take place in the abdominal area, where it could become Peritoneal Mesothelioma.

Asbestos Exposure Symptoms:

1.) Coughing.
2.) Pain within the lungs.
3.) Pain within the chest.
4.) Difficult to breathe
5.) Coughing up blood.
6.) Fluid within the lungs.
7.) Persistent fever.
8.) Weight loss
9.) Low energy.
10.) High white cell count.
11.) Sleeping disorders.

Individuals who have Peritoneal Mesothelioma can experience a number of the following symptoms:

1.) Temperature.
2.) Problems with digestion.
3.) Swelling of their abdominal area.
4.) Finding a growth in the abdomen.
5.) High white cell count.
6.) Abdominal discomfort.
7.) Loss of weight.
8.) Physical weakness.
9.) Loss of appetite.
10.) Sleeplessness.

With asbestos being used so broadly for so long in the Twentieth century, and since it was usually employed in the workplaces, it’s felt that over 70% of those who’re being identified as having Mesothelioma are men over 55. There have been, however, many instances of asbestos exposure symptoms that occurred from 2nd hand exposure. The dust which once-inhaled could cause mesothelioma made their way back to the workers family homes, hitching a ride on the workers clothes and body, where they were breathed in by the worker’s family. Members of the family of the asbestos workers have also been at risk of developing asbestos related diseases, and need to be familiar with the various asbestos exposure symptoms.

The life expectancy for any patient, who has asbestos related diseases such as mesothelioma, may differ quite a lot. This is primarily due to the stage the disease is in once it is initially found. Since Mesothelioma takes such a long time to produce symptoms that might cause a person to seek medical help, it is often well advanced by the time treatment can begin. Typically, life expectancy varies from 4 to 18 months after diagnosis, with under a 10% survival rate after 2 years. The general health of the patient, what treatments they could be eligible for, and what treatments they can tolerate, along with the location of the disease in the body, all is important in the patients survival rate.

Asbestos exposure symptoms for either type of Mesothelioma often cause great suffering and pain.

Individuals victimized by Mesothelioma often find they’ve got no appetite, no energy to try and do anything physical, even though they’re tired, they struggle to sleep. Some of the signs and symptoms of asbestos related diseases may be dealt with on a symptom by symptom basis to make the victim feel more at ease. Doctors can drain some of the fluid build-up, which helps the person breathe easier. They can prescribe sleeping medication to help the patient sleep better, plus they can prescribe ever changing, and ever increasing dosages of pain medications that can help the patient suffer less.

If you or a person you know or love have any asbestos exposure symptoms, particularly if they, or even a close member of the family might have been in regular contact with asbestos through mining, or some of the building trades, strongly encourage them to see a doctor. When they go, especially if they decide to visit a family Doctor, ask them to ask their doctor to rule out Mesothelioma. This makes their doctor to look for it, and so they will have a much better possibility of discovering it as quickly as possible. It can be found through X-ray, CAT scan, MRI, and also by having a biopsy taken. In the event the diagnosis is made early, several of the complications and discomfort the patient experiences could be reduced.

For anyone who is diagnosed with mesothelioma, or any asbestos related diseases, you’re entitled to asbestos compensation. This is simply because the firms who were producing the asbestos as well as the merchandise that contained asbestos knew of the risks for decades, nevertheless went right along offering their items. Call a lawyer who specializes in asbestos compensation legal cases right away should you have any asbestos exposure symptoms.

I get upset whenever I let myself to contemplate the number of folks who have been needlessly exposed to Asbestos. The Asbestos mining outfits have recognized concerning the risks of Asbestos Exposure since 20’s, and they carried on permitting their own employees be totally exposed without the benefit of acceptable protective gear.
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