Drug Addiction In Individuals And Their Families

August 4, 2012 0 Comments

The dangers of substance abuse have gone beyond the drug addict, families and friends. It has extensively ruined the morals of the community, as well. This fact holds true since the effects of substance abuse have ruthlessly affected the lives of many. It has been said to be the main cause of child abuse, too. To avoid this malevolent substance to proliferate is to seriously educate families in order for them to learn when and where to seek assistance.

Types of Drugs

There are several types of drugs, either prescribed or what they call, illegal. Normal types of drug include morphine, stimulants, inhalants, depressants and hallucinogens, to name a few. The chemical composition varies, which also determines the potency and effect of a specific drug. The use of these types of drugs has legal applications but once there’s an excessive use, then it turns into addiction.

Drug Use Symptoms

It is a universal fact that there’s a prevalence of drug abuse in schools. These youths show several manifestations which indicate substance use. These signs include isolation, anxiety, insomnia, poor hygiene, poor scholastic performance, and strange new friends. Adults display the same physical and behavioral signs. These signals are warnings to parents. They should be brave enough to submit his child to alcohol rehabilitation centers or drug abuse treatment centers.

Result of Drug Abuse

Those who are affected foremost are the members of the family. Parents who’re drug users or dependents aren’t capable of rearing their kids. The psychological effect of drugs can result to physical violence and child abuse. The children will also be psychologically affected since they’re neglected and hurt emotionally and physically. Moreover, they will have a higher risk of becoming an alcohol or drug dependent. The family’s budget will also hurt since sustaining the use of drugs is the parents’ priority and this involves purchasing drugs.

The Key to Drug Prevention

There are a number of resources which can be tapped in relation to substance abuse education campaign like community organizers, church, school, media and the family. This pool of resources can easily persuade the people within their control to stop or prevent the use of illegal drugs. Treatment of substance dependence through alcohol rehabilitation centers or drug rehabilitation treatment centers is a must to help the addicted patient begin his journey towards a drug-free living.

A family is the heart of society. It is a very urgent necessity to check on each family to ensure that the quality of life is achieved. Educating them with regards to the terrible effects of drugs is an immense help in the prevention of drug addiction.

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