Drug Addiction Treatment Center Grants Opportunity For Drug Contingent Childbearing Parents

June 24, 2012 0 Comments

Drug addiction is very common in our world nowadays. Men and women have the tendency to be a drug abuser. Addiction to drugs has also been suffered by women that are pregnant and the situation gets much more serious with the negative effects of drug abuse to herself and her baby. Some research guarantees a harmful health condition of the baby the time that she or he will be born.

Numerous health problems and illnesses such as STD or sexually transmitted diseases, blood infections, anemia and hepatic health problems can be caused by prohibited drug usage. Even though the baby does not have the direct access of that certain drug used by their mom, it would be more likely that the child will be born sickly or immature. Many studies show that during her pregnancy stage, if a mother takes heroin, the infant will be very much light in weight compared to the normal kids. If the infants are impacted with Indian hemp, they may experience ADD or attention deficiency dysfunction. Bad learning and conduct can also be a result for babies born from an addicted mom. One type of these drugs is the methamphetamine. Fetal growth and movement quality are restricted in some ways.

Have you ever heard of its psychosocial effects provided to the infants? This bad effect can be endured by babies who have access to illegal drugs taken from their mom. Every expectant lady addicted to illegal drugs may also have the feeling of guilt, denial, shame, humiliation and loneliness. They also have the fear of being imprisoned for such unlawful act of using prohibited drugs. Because of this, they tend to be stressed out and really feel depressed. Worst situation is when the mother commits suicide or abortion. We all know that is definitely not right to kill a living creation.

It is lately found that there are now 5% of pregnant women who are still bound to substance abuse or in simple terms, utilizing illegal drugs. This was confirmed by a certain survey a month ago. Additionally, the age range of fifteen to twenty five has the highest possibility of getting addicted to drugs than those who are in the mid 40s and above twenty-six years of age.

It has been a blessing that addiction rehab center for ladies who are carrying a new living creation in their uterus is now obtainable. These rehabilitation centers can fully assist every expectant female to get rid of their illegal drug addiction.

The addiction center is providing certain medications such as methadone maintenance. This maintenance also comes with pre-natal care and an effective treatment method called comprehensive program for drug abuse treatment.

Treatments for a patient’s behavior are also rendered. Treatments have been good at the rehabilitation of an addicted woman. The approaches used by the rehabilitation personnel are solely motivational and reduces the risk of suicidal tendencies.

In conclusion, drug addiction will still be a very major problem even for the years to come if there are no effective preventions carried out by the government. It really has a damaging effect to the lives of expectant women. Every pregnant lady must have the knowledge and responsibility on how to preserve her life and the infant that she will be delivering in the future.

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