Easy Hair Care Ideas To Help You Look Fantastic

August 7, 2012 0 Comments

By Gary Spencer

It is very important take proper care of your hair if you want to have the best personal appearance. This also demonstrates that an individual is keeping up with emerging fashion trends and hairstyles. Proper hair hygiene also helps to ensure that the hair grows strong and healthy. Appropriate dieting reduces cases of hair loss and hair breakage usually caused by dandruff together with other hair disorders related to poor dieting.

Vitamin and mineral deficiency have been found to be the main factors linked to early graying, balding and thinning of hair. Lifestyle and diet are the two major factors to be considered when choosing proper and healthy hair care procedures.

The following are some of the key hair care tips:

(a)Trimming the hair every 30 days

It is highly recommended to take about an eighth of the hair ends in order to shed dead ends as well as promote faster growth of the hair.

(b)Brushing the hair 3-4 times to stimulate scalp

Scalp stimulation is necessary in promoting natural oils and eradicating dead scalp cells. This is especially important for individuals suffering with dandruff. It is very important use a good quality hair brush to lessen cases of hair damage.

(c)Drying hair with minimal heat

Extreme heat in most cases will damage the hair therefore it is very important reduce the strength of heat from hair curling and straightening equipment. This includes curling irons, straighteners and brow-dryers which may damage the hair if heat frequency or power is not appropriately regulated.

(d)Changing hair beauty treatments

It is highly recommended to substitute brushing by using a wide toothed comb for detangling hot hair. You should use combs or brushes with smooth tips and widely spaced bristles. Combs with a sharp tooth generally cause damage to the hair. They rub the scalp and lead to split ends.

(e)Using a mild and natural conditioner and shampoo frequently

Shampoo is important in good hair care mainly because it helps with removing hair oils, dead skin cells, dirt as well as other hair products from the hair. A high quality conditioner is also vital in making hair easy to untangle, reduce static, add shine, and give extra shield and moisturizing to the hair.

(f)Eating healthy foods to maintain shiny and strong hair

Many hair thinning and poor hair growth instances originate from poor dieting. There is a need for a well-balanced diet to reduce these cases. The most ideal diet for strong and healthy hair growth includes the following kinds of foods; omega 3 fatty acids, legumes, whole grain products, raw vegetables, fruits and lean proteins. It’s also important to drink lots of water daily.

(g)Using natural hair care products

This includes vinegar, coconut oil, lemon and shikakai. It is highly recommended to rinse and dry hair in lemon juice as a way of preserving shine. The problem of frizzy and tangled hair can be resolved by applying honey on the scalp.

(h)Healthy life style

This is also important for healthy hair growth. It is very important exercise regularly and avoid poor life style habits such as excessive consumption of alcohol, smoking and excessive stress.

(i)Wetting hair just before swimming

Wetting hair before going swimming in a beach or a pool reduces the possibility of hair soaking up chlorinated water which can be harmful to the hair. It is also beneficial to put on a cap to shield hair from effects of chlorinated water.

(j)Avoiding hair care products containing alcohol

These products are very likely to dry up hair and increase possibility of hair thinning and damage.

(k)Avoiding application of hair products directly on the scalp

These products may clog the hair pores triggering slow hair growth.

(l) Using soft hair tie or coated rubber band

This is the ideal method of securing the end of braid or pony tails to reduce the chances of hair damage.

(m)Using hairspray to maintain finished hair designs

This provides a soft finish and can manage fly away strands.

(n)Using pomade sparingly to braid hair

This is important in controlling fly away ends, removing static and adding glossy sheen to curl and straighten hair.

There continues to be some success in making use of biotin as a hair growth supplement. These cases are normally associated with age, poor dieting or post-partum hair loss cases. Hair loss may also be caused by stress. Most hair loss cases are generally reduced by using ideal biotin hair care supplements incorporating silica calcium and zinc. Well formulated biotin supplements have also been found to minimize cases of hair breakage.

Many consumers of biotin supplements have noted faster and strong hair regrowth during the initial few months of utilizing these supplements. Feeding on biotin rich foods is also able to help. These foods include the following; cheese, milk, egg yolks, liver, whole grains, carrots as well as other less processed foods.

In summary, the above hair care tips are very important in reducing cases of hair loss, hair breakage and age related graying of the hair. Most individuals who have applied the above procedures to boost their hair growth have witnessed positive changes in their hair management skills.

Gary Spencer is a hair care expert and writer, he has written articles about aloe vera for hair click here and hair regrowth shampoo

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