Even If You Are Obese There Are Ways To Exercise Your Abdominal Muscles

August 14, 2012 0 Comments

By Clive Rolison

For individuals who happen to be incredibly overweight, you should realize that you should take special care when doing exercises. Many folks which are overweight are unable to do exercises the same as people who are already in shape. Traditional style sit up’s that regular people can do will often be impossible for people who are obese to do, as they can have difficulties getting up and down from the floor. Obviously abdominal exercises are important for people who are obese and you will be glad to realize that there are specific exercises that have been created for heavy individuals. Unlike traditional exercises for the ab muscles, when these exercises are done in a sitting position you’ll discover that they are a lot easier to do.

Doing a regular sit up for people that are obese is almost impossible, and that’s why this first exercise is meant to be rather simple to help you get started. Yet another thing I want to point out relating to this first exercise is that it can be quite beneficial for individuals who are thin as well, as it will help you build your abdominal muscles.

In essence, all you are going to have to do is to sit in a chair and ensure you are sitting straight, an if you have types of weights you are able to hold them against your chest. You do not have to use traditional weights because there are many household items which are rather heavy that you could use instead. What you must do now is contract your stomach muscles and tighten them at which point you’ll slowly turn your upper torso to the left. Once you complete that turn you’ll then slowly turn to the right until your upper body has turned as far right as you can. You can begin with 6 to 12 repetitions each and as your body begins to strengthen you are able to increase this amount.

One more exercise that you can do with or without weights is sitting straight up in a chair and bending over slowly as if you are going to touch your toes. Stay away from fast or jerking moves and try and make these movements as smooth and slow as you can. Many people end up using their muscles in their back to be able to do this exercise but you ought to try and focus on using your ab muscles. If you would like to work the love handles, turn your body slightly to the left or right and continue doing the exact same exercise of bending over in the chair.

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