Give Yoga A Go – It’s Well Worth The Effort

August 4, 2012 0 Comments

By Thomon Wardle

Some people think that they aren’t cut out for yoga. They see celebrities doing it on front of glossy magazines, but this just makes it all the more daunting for the average Sally.

However, doing yoga doesn’t mean that you have to bend into all kinds of shapes and poses. You can do it at a gentler pace and gain many benefits from it. It’s not an exercise that is for one particular shape or type of person, there is something there for everybody.

In this article I’m going to share with you the benefits so that you can see for yourself what’s possible.

The Main Benefits of Yoga. Yoga isn’t just good for strength, balance and flexibility, it can reduce stress.

With so many people working in office jobs, it’s easy to spend the whole day sitting, which is not what humans were designed to do. This can result in shortened hamstrings, tighter muscles in the shoulders, raised blood pressure and weight gain. We aren’t meant to be sitting in the same place hour after hour.

Even ladies who are going through the menopause can gain benefits from yoga. It is known for easing hot flushes, balancing the hormones and improving mood.

Yoga has many different exercises that can be used for different purposes. It’s possible to put together a routine that will help with arthritis, Parkinson’s Disease, dementia, brain injuries, and the list is endless. That’s why athletes like it, they can pick and choose the exercises to meet their needs.

As the exercises are usually very gentle and slower then it’s possible to put the body through all the movements that will promote flexibility and strength. Another unexpected benefit is that you will sleep better. There is a certain relaxation that comes from being mindful about your exercises. It’s almost a meditation, a little like the benefits that can be gained from gardening or doing an activity that you can lose yourself in.

There have been some wonderful success stories from people who have taken up the exercise. For example, several people who I know who were previously overweight have enjoyed weight loss once taking up yoga. In fact, one has lost over 35 pounds and she has even gone onto being a trained yoga teacher.

If you are looking to start this highly beneficial exercise then here are some ideas on how you can get started: Buy a yoga book. They are full of photographs that show the different poses and you can enjoy an introduction without having to pay out the full studio fees.

Try following along to a video on YouTube. Again, an introduction without the cost.

Buy a DVD for home use. Buy a home DVD that you can use at your own pace. You won’t have to go out and buy all the trendy outfits either. You can enjoy it at home.

My last word of advice is to listen to your own body. Don’t rush through the exercises, take your time.

Thomon Wardle is an experienced practitioner of yoga and pilates exercises. His range of yoga DVDs are listed and available from his site where you can also download a free eBook worth £9.95

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