Healthy Living By Awareness Of Analgesic Use

June 25, 2012 0 Comments

The human body is an incredible machine. In scientific research, we learn that the body performs simultaneously having parts doing specific functions. Even when we sleep, our bodies still perform functions and continue to operate whether it may be consciously or subconsciously. Just like any other machine, our bodies are not spared from diseases or illness.

We experience warning signs and symptoms when our body is not well. A common symptom is pain. Pain is troublesome and inconvenient. It hinders a person’s ability to work efficiently and effectively. One of the ways of treating pain is to take medicine. The most popular medication used for pain is called Opioid drugs. They provide relief to pain by focusing its effects on the substances that produce pain in our body.

The most common form of opioid drug available in the market is Vicodin. This medication must be taken with prescription and caution. Vicodin is also called a narcotic because it has addictive effects. This means that continuous intake of Vicodin can lead to drug abuse or addiction. When this happens, individuals who constantly use this drug do so even if there are no pain symptoms felt and the result is damaging to the body. Individuals who are prescribed with this medication should consider the effects of the drug including the good and the bad. When addiction strikes, withdrawal creates very painful effects specifically if the addiction has been kept for such a long time.

One cause of addiction is that constant use of Vicodin can lead to drug tolerance. The body is no longer receptive to the recommended dose of the drug after continuous use. A need for higher doses occurs so that the euphoric, well being effect will be felt by the user. As the doses get higher, an individual’s chance of overdose from addiction with vicodin is very much apparent. The outward manifestation of such includes hallucinations, extreme drowsiness, nausea, vomiting, constricted pupils, pain, excessive sweating, shallow breathing, blue lips. The worse of these include liver damage, coma and even sudden death.

What precisely is vicodin? As mentioned earlier, it’s an opioid drug. Its active ingredients include acetaminophen and hydrocodone. It’s often sold in reatail under this name and it us used to treat moderate to severe pain. This particular drug is also called a pain killer. The prescribed use of Vicodin is advantageous to any individual who experiences pain related diseases. This drug can be used under prescription, and when properly followed, no adverse reactions can happen.

An individual prescribed with this medicine must consider certain factors before intake. Consuming alcohol is prohibited while under medication. Those who work in machineries and are taking this drug must stop from work since this drug can cause drowsiness. Recommended interval time of intake must be followed to prevent abuse and drug tolerance. As long as prescriptions are properly followed, the addiction from Vicodin can be prevented.

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