Hospitalist Outlook

June 16, 2012 0 Comments

By Robert Truog

Now that the need for medical care is steadily increasing, new opportunities are opened for medical professionals and one of them is hospitalist jobs. The term hospitalist was barely a word a few years ago. Today, the changes in medical field have made the term permanent in the medical vernacular.

In simple terms, hospitalists are specialists in in-patient care. They can be found across the nation in many hospitals. Their primary duty is to provide care to patients in medical wards, intensive care units, emergency rooms, acute care units, and rehabilitation centers. They work closely with the patients’ chief physician in treating and managing the recovery of the patient.

Like any other profession in the medical field, hospitalists must have a degree in medicine. Typically, hospitalists have specialization in internal medicine, pediatrics and family medicine.


The average hourly salary for hospitalist jobs is $79, which amounts to $178,000 annually. Hospitalists receive a pay that is higher compared to other occupations in the field. That is why more and more physicians consider this career option. However, you must understand that there are factors that can affect the salary. These are the location, the number of patients, the demand for hospital care in that particular area, and the percentage of insured patients over those who are not. Basically, the more patients hospitalists see, the more their earnings will be.

Job Outlook

Because of the growing population of infants and the elderly, there is a good job outlook for hospitalists. From 2008 to 2018, the employment rate for hospitalists is projected to grow by 22%. The growth rate applies both to urban and rural or low income areas.

With the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act or “Obamacare,” many medical professionals who have specialization and who are working in private practice will most likely move to a new setting. Based on the prediction of healthcare experts, healthcare is going to be more expensive in the future. Less Americans will be able to afford private healthcare services. On this note, medical professionals who work in private setting may need to find new ways to provide healthcare and retain earnings. Experts projected that private practitioners will move to hospitals and other medical facilities.

On these notes, there will certainly be changes in the projected job outlook. Aspiring hospitalists should not only consider the salary but other factors such as the employment setting.

Finding Hospitalist Jobs

After you have prepared all the necessary documents for a hospitalist job, you can submit it to a medical staffing agency. The agency will match job openings to your credentials and will get in touch with you once there is an opening that matches. A good alternative is looking for openings through the internet. The procedure is as simple as searching for job directory websites. These pages collate all job openings from different medical institutions around the country. There you can narrow your search by looking for jobs by state, by city, or by specialization. You may also use referrals if you have colleagues who are already having their hospitalist jobs.

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