How A Fertility Diet With Vitamins Can Aid Fertility

July 26, 2012 0 Comments

By Louise Collins

At times, the food that women eat does not contain sufficient nutrients needed for the body to stimulate fertility hormones to be ready for conception. The truth is vitamins can be acquired naturally from fruits, vegetables, meats, and grains; however, fertility vitamins are dexterously designed supplements that specifically tailor to aid fertility for women who suffer from conception difficulties.

Fertility vitamins are also known as prenatal vitamins. These types of vitamins supply a rich variety of nutrients and minerals such as folic acid and vitamin B6 which are very helpful in achieving conception by stimulating the production of fertility hormones such as the follicle-stimulating hormone and the luteinizing hormone. These vitamins also work to regulate the ovulation cycle and helps maintain normal functionality among the different organs inside the body.

More examples of fertility vitamins include calcium, zinc, iron, L-Argenine, Vitamin E, Folic Acid, PABA, and Essential Fatty Acids. All these vitamins have various positive effects to both male and female. For male, these vitamins work to enhance the production of viable sperm in males as well as increase motility and potency. Likewise, fertility vitamins also functions to prevent the sperm from clumping. In truth, fertility vitamins gives chance to the production of stronger sperms required to achieve the quickest possible pregnancy. After ejaculation millions of sperms would be competing to reach the awaiting egg in the uterus. Since only one can win the game, when sperms are too slow, not even one would be able to reach and fertilize the mature egg therein. This results the egg to fall just another menstrual period.

On the other hand, aside that prenatal vitamins works to increase fertility in women, they also prevents possible birth defects in new born babies in the future. Some supplements; for instance, Vitamin A and E helps keep the immune system healthy as well as help absorbed iron to build strong resistance from sickness and diseases. A healthy mom would be able to carry a healthy pregnancy and give birth to a healthy baby. Moreover, taking DHA of at least 400 mg, according to medical doctors, ensures the possibility of delivering and growing a genius baby. This is because DHA is a kind of essential fatty acid that is found in cod liver oil and sea vegetables that helps the formation of the brain in utero.

On the other hand, just as prenatal vitamins are effective and important in achieving pregnancy, they should be taken with safety precautions and warnings. This is because, some people may have suffered from certain medical conditions and taking supplements might cause further complications. For instance, too much calcium intake would not be advisable for individuals who have suffered from kidney stones fro it only worsen the condition.

In addition, women who have bleeding disorders are advised by exerts to consult the primary care physician before taking such supplements as DHA while others can also check for allergies. Likewise, when undergoing some other medications, prenatal vitamins should be taken with prior prescription from healthcare providers. As per study shows, vitamins have potential effects on certain medications and may alter some results. For instance, when suffering anemia, intake of folic acid should be minimize or should need prior authorization for primary healthcare provider.

This is because folic acids can actually cover up the detection of the disease which causes the disease to remain hidden even during blood test. Lastly, prenatal supplements need not to alter the natural nutrients acquired from natural foods which mean taking such must not stop one from eating fruits and vegetables.

Louise Collins writes articles where you can find tips and advice on what foods to eat to increase your fertility. Eating the right diet can really help you and your partner conceive a child. Find more diet ideas to increase fertitiliy and your pregnancy chances online.

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