How To Build Muscle Without Weights – Powerful Secrets That Work For Anyone

June 25, 2012 0 Comments

Are you looking for an answer on how to build muscle without weights? There are many people searching for this same answer, which is very simple really.

There are a few powerful secrets that you want to use to help you really build muscles without the use of weights. Before you learn these secrets it is imperative to know that you still need to follow the basic principles that weight lifters do when exercising.

This doesn’t mean you should use weights, it means that you need to ensure that your workout routine emphasizes progression, recovery and nutrition. Without these three areas being addressed, you will never be able to build the muscles you want.

Now, below are the secrets to use to help you easily build the muscles that you need to.

One: Exercise – There are many exercises that you may do for building muscle that doesn’t require weights. Make sure that the workout routine you do use is working out the entire body and not just one area.

A few of the exercises that you can do during your workout routine include various pushup exercises, dips, pull ups, crunches, lunges and squats. There are other exercises you can do, but these will give you a great place to start with building your muscles.

Every week it is important when using these exercises that you make gains with building muscle. This means that you need to increase the number of reps you do for each exercise and shorten the rest time in between by just a little bit.

For example, if you begin doing 5 sets of 10 pullups with a 2 minute rest time in between, then the next week you should increase that to 5 sets of 12 with a 90 second rest time in between. Changing your routine as your muscles begin to build will help them to continue to build, but not increasing the exercising you do will not help you gain muscles at all.

Two: Nutrition – Any person that is trying to build muscle needs to ensure that you are eating a healthy diet every single day. It is imperative to ensure your diet consists of 5 to 6 small meals with protein, healthy fats and complex carbs.

Make sure you bump up your calorie intake by 500 every week that you are building muscles so that your muscles really are getting bigger because without the increase in calories you will struggle to build or maintain your muscle gain.

Three: Recovery – One thing that a number of people don’t know is that recovery is very essential to building muscles. Your muscles build while your body is at rest, not during the workout routine like everyone believes.

You need to give your body plenty of rest each day, especially right after you workout so you can achieve the goal you are aiming for without difficulty.

These are the top secrets that you want to use for how to build muscle without weights. Begin using these secrets immediately and before you know it you will definitely see an increase in your muscle mass.

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