How To Quickly Build Massive Muscles That Attract Attention

August 18, 2012 0 Comments

By Winston Takeda

Body building is a fantastic sport. You can slowly watch yourself being sculpted into a work of art right before you very eyes. The closer you get to that ideal goal, the more positive attention and respect you’ll attract from others. All the hard work you put in will finally pay off. Whether or not you are gunning for a big competition, or simply want to get bigger and better looking, you’ve got a fine hobby. Sometimes, though, it can be difficult to know exactly what to do. Naturally, what you eat can have a lot of impact on how quickly you can get to that ideal state of being. In this article, you’ll learn some inside tips that can help.

All muscle is made up of amino acids, which link together to make proteins. In fact, all the structural elements of our body is made up of these amino acids linked into proteins. Generally speaking, if you eat well balanced diet, you’ll get enough protein to maintain your structure. But what if you are building? You’ll need to eat much more protein than the average citizen. Also, you’ll need to make sure you are getting the right combination of amino acids. Imagine trying to build a big house, but all you have are bricks and wood, but not nails or cement. You’re going to have a hard time.

The good news is that most commercially available protein powder comes loaded with all the good amino acids you’ll need. Some people will recommend taking separate supplements, but this really isn’t necessary. Just pick a well mixing powder that tastes good enough to drink plenty of, and you’ll be in good shape.

One thing about eating a lot of protein is that it can plug up your pipes pretty good. No matter how ripped you are, if you’ve got a big bulge in your gut due to backed up plumbing, you’ll look like you’ve got a beer belly going. So the way around this is to eat plenty of fiber. Eat lots of green vegetables like broccoli, that don’t have a lot of calories, but have plenty of fiber. Better yet, consider taking a fiber supplement. This will keep your pipes clean, and give you that lean hungry look.

Naturally, you’ll want to be careful with carbohydrates. These are essential as they give you the energy you’ll need to work out, but if you eat too much, they’ll quickly be converted into fat. You’ll need to monitor how much you eat. It’s a good idea to avoid all processed carbs like sugar, bread, candy, and bread. When taking any carbs for energy, try and stick with slow burning carbs like oatmeal. When it doubt, look up the glycemic index of the carb in question. Lower numbers are always better.

Whenever you work out, you’re breaking down your muscles so they can rebuild themselves again. That’s why you need to eat several times a day, so your body will always have the parts it needs to rebuild itself.

Try to avoid all alcohol and tobacco. This can inhibit your muscle building process, as it makes recovery time a lot longer. Also, it can easily kill your motivation. It goes without saying that all non-prescription drugs are a big no-no as well.

When you follow these tips, you’ll get big in no time. Just keep working out, stick to your plan, and you’ll be up on stage getting first prize before you know it.

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