How To Recognize A Drug Addict

July 16, 2012 0 Comments

Drug addiction can come in various forms and widely differing substances. Aside from being addicted to illegal medicines and household substances, there is currently an affordable alternative: cough syrup, as well as over the counter medications, both of which might be obtained rather legitimately. The sad thing regarding it is that the young people dependent on these medicines are using a substance that was initially produced to heal health problems and alleviate pain.

Cough syrup contains codeine, very popularly used for pain killer purposes. It could be taken from opium or synthesized from morphine, both of which are addictive drugs on their own. Prescription-grade cough syrup contains higher concentrations of this chemical.

A common result of the cough syrup abuse is an altered way of thinking and sedation of the abuser, leading to numbness. People may easily go overboard at the same time, with overdose symptoms in common with other opiates. Some medicines also contain antihistamines that can cause another sedative result.

Promethazine is coupled with codeine to combat cough, but this is also a drug that, on its own, can also cause strong side effects in the abuser. It’s a sedative drug that leads to inhibited function in terms of eyesight, and being slowed and having slurred speech as well. Addicts describe this feeling as being “zazzed”, when everything around you goes slowly.

Codeine in cough syrup is often taken in a form known as Purple Drank. The name originates from its color, which normally ranges from purple to pink depending on the cough syrup used and the percentage of mixing it with other drinks like sodas.

This practice first gained influence in the southern states, and hip-hop artists popularized its use with the masses by including it in their songs. Outcomes include increased auditory sensations and visual stimuli, which results in a sense of being disconnected and unusual, unpredictable behavior.

Among the main risks of robitussin is how effortless an individual may get the materials, considering that it really is legally purchased from pharmacies. One more scary issue is how inexpensively it can be obtained, and taking into consideration the costs for illegal medications, this might seem like a no-brainer for many teens on limited budgets wanting to get high.

A few dollarsis actually all it takes to obtain high. The drug of preference for most of the youth is Dextromorphan, also called DXM, a drug used in numerous cough syrup preparations likewise. This is exactly what is usually referred to as “Skittles” in underground lingo, and may even trigger tremors if it’s abused. Medicine in tablet form contains much bigger amounts of DXM; hence the same effect of consuming huge amounts of syrup might be duplicated just by a few pills.

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