How To Select A Yoga Class That Is Right For You

February 18, 2018 0 Comments

Almost every day, it seems, there is a new style of yoga being hailed by the sports media and a new yoga class opening. Choosing which one to attend can become a little overwhelming so sometimes people just put it on the back burner. If this is you, then fear no more.

We are going to explore what you need to know when you choose the yoga class that is right for you:

Style of yoga. What style does the class offer its students and does this style suit you? Some classes are fast paced and athletic with others being of a slower pace and more restorative. If you are looking for more of a meditative experience then you need to look for a slower class. Some classes focus more on breathing practices and others more on spiritual matters.

Teachers. Ideally your teacher will be inspiring to you. They should bring out the best in you. Sometimes we just don’t click with others, but that shouldn’t be the case in your yoga class. Seek out an experienced and qualified teacher who you can build a rapport with. It’s going to make a difference with how often you attend the class. You could try taking a class with different teachers until you find the one that’s right for you.

Location. This is going to be a deal-breaker if you don’t choose one that is easy to get to. After a long and tough day at work, who needs another excuse not to attend a yoga class that could be the very thing that helps you to relax before your evening. Opt for walking distance if possible or just a short drive away.

Class schedule. This is another one of those deal breaking things. If the class does not match with your schedule, then you simply won’t be able to attend. Unless you keep very unusual hours it should be possible to find classes at a time you aren’t at work. Personally I prefer to practice my yoga first thing in the morning, but I know that if I don’t do it then that I can find time later on in the day.

Level of experience. Beginners will find it tough to attend an intermediate class. The pace is usually faster and it can be very challenging to be asked to hold poses that you haven’t experienced before. When you select your class opt for one that suits your level of experience. You can always work your way up as you improve.

Class atmosphere. Is the room clean? Do you feel comfortable and are people friendly and respectful? This is another one of those points that could well put you off attending. Nobody likes to be in an atmosphere that feels judgemental or cold, and even less so when it comes to yoga. You should feel that you have entered a sanctuary where you can enjoy your time and when you leave you feel satisfied and relaxed.

By considering these points you should be able to find a yoga class that is perfect for you.

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