How to Style Oily Hair – Tips and Tricks

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It is a known fact that one in four women has oily hair. Oily hair is a nuisance and using the wrong hair products and hair styles can only make the matter worse. However, oily hair can be managed and there are some small secrets to styling oily hair that can give great results. Apart from trying homemade remedies and herbal treatments you can try the following tricks.

1. When we think about hair, we think shampoo. This is the most used product for hair but have you ever wondered if shampoo can actually make hair oily? It can. Although the hair is clean and shiny after you wash it, there is an invisible residue on your scalp and hair left by your shampoo and conditioner. The first rule for oily hair is to never use conditioner on your hair roots but only on the tips of your hair if necessary.

As for shampoo use a clear one that has less chemicals or an herbal extract one like nettle or sage shampoo. Wash your hair gently and don’t massage your scalp too much.

2. Choose to comb instead of brush if you have oily scalp and hair. A brush is more stimulating for your scalp so it will increase sebum production and make your hair greasy easily. Choose a wooden handmade comb that doesn’t have very sharp teeth, it needs to be smooth to avoid damaging your hair and scratching the scalp while combing. If you have curly hair, choose a wide-tooth comb. Also try to comb only twice a day, every morning and evening. Too much combing can also make hair oilier. Maintain your comb free of grease by cleaning it regularly.

3. Drying your hair naturally is the best things you can do. Hair dryers can damage your hair, but sometimes it is necessary to use one. You might be rushing or it might be cold outside and you can’t wait for your hair to dry naturally. If you have oily hair it is very important to use your hair dryer only on cool air and another useful tip is to dry it starting from the tips up. Hot air can damage your hair and it promotes oil production.

All hair tools that use heat like curlers, flat irons or hot rollers can make your oily hair problem worse on top of damaging your hair structure. For stylish, more natural looking curls you can use plastic hair rollers that you can leave in overnight. This is a far better solution for hair styling if you want to protect your hair and keep it non-greasy.

4. Many stylists have given the advice of wearing headbands when your hair is greasy. Headbands can only worsen the oily hair issue because it makes your hair sticky, unable to breath and it looks really messy after you remove the headband. Treating an oily hair problem is not about hiding your hair under hats and headbands. You need to take a different approach that doesn’t make you feel worse about your hair than you already do.

The first tip regarding hairdos and oily hair is to avoid bangs. It may look cute but it will come in contact with your facial skin and it will become oily very fast. Not to mention the fact that you will be constantly touching it with your hands leading to more greasiness.

There are few hair styles that work better on oily hair. There is the classic ponytail that works better for people with thin straight hair. Curly hair that is oily will look better in a high pigtail or braided. There is the option of tying up your hair in a bun, in most cases this is the best solution for oily hair because it gives it a clean appearance and prevents it from getting dirty and sticky.

What is most important about oily hair styling and hairdos is to keep your hair off your face as much as possible. The less you touch your hair and the less it touches your face, the better.

If you are planning to go out and you need a more stylish look just do a front poof that keeps your hair in place and gives it more volume.

5. Dry techniques for cleaning oily hairTry to avoid the baby powder technique for oily hair. It may remove some oil from your hair but it does leave in some unwanted chemicals. Talc, an ingredient that many baby powders contain, has been linked to ovarian cancer and it makes your hair color fade.

Use the cocoa powder technique instead. Cocoa is a natural powder and you can also find organic cocoa powder that is free on any chemicals. Use it as a dry shampoo when your hair is greasy and you don’t want to wash it for any reason. This works best for red and brown hair.

Just sprinkle enough cocoa powder on your hair to cover all the areas and leave it on for a few minutes. Then comb the cocoa powder out of your hair and there you go. Hair that is free of grease. If you have blonde hair, try using corn flour instead.

One of the biggest problems of oily hair is that it lacks volume. Try not to use aggressive chemicals for this, instead try some more natural solutions that can heal and nourish your hair.

“How to Style Oily Hair – Tips and Tricks” is a useful resource for people with oily hair and oily scalp conditions. Learn hairdos for oily hair, techniques for cleaning hair without shampoo and good brushing or combing habits for oily hair.

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