How Will You Determine If You Are Suffering From Dual Diagnosis

June 17, 2012 0 Comments

Dual diagnosis develops when a person is suffering from both mental illness and substance abuse. Unlike those who suffer from drug abuse alone, dual diagnosis goes through a more complicated rehabilitation period because there are two problems being addressed that requires treatment.

There are situations when mental disorders develop first before drug abuse. Physicians may even have a tough time diagnosing these cases because drug abuse can already affect certain mental conditions. This will require detoxification that can result to withdrawal symptoms. Because the body is immune to the substance, withdrawal period may be very difficult for the patient. They’ll experience intense craving for the drug as it begins to leave the body. Medical supervision is also essential because the condition can be life-threatening. Medication may also be given by the doctor while the patient is going through detoxification period. Non-addictive drugs are often prescribed to deal with the cravings later on.

Dealing with drug addiction is already tough enough, how much more if an occurring mental problem is also present? These people suffering from both require drug treatment programs so both areas are given attention for recovery. Each side possesses its own set of symptoms which can worsen the person’s condition. Individuals may be going through severe anxiety or depression and would resort to the use of drugs by self- medication to relieve those. Without proper knowledge and guidance, they’re drawn to depending on drugs to relieve themselves from that mental problem which means double the trouble. Many types of treatment programs are being provided for the patient.

Dual diagnosis treatment center will work best for those people who are under substance abuse and psychiatric condition. Facilities that offer successful programs which aims at both problems helping the patient’s recovery. They will inform and teach the patient on how to handle the problem and be able to manage their lives effectively. The care and support given to the patients will prepare them to start their lives once again without any more complications caused by medications and their mental problems. The patient will also be able to make plans while they’re being supported along the way. So when they’re out in the real world, they are still given continuous support like finding employment and getting involved back to the society. There’s no easy way out of this problem and if ignored, it can cause a much worst case than it already is.

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