Indications Of Painkiller Dependency

July 20, 2012 0 Comments

The dosage of vicodin intake is properly determined by the physician depending on the intensity of the pain and the length of time the treatment is to be used. Medical professionals suggest patients not to take vicodin more than what is recommended as its properties are highly addictive. This medication is a brand name for hydrocodone and acetaminophen that performs together in different mechanism to alleviate the pain.

Hydrocodone is an opiate pain relief medicine which is used to treat acute discomforts and works by blocking the pain signal transmission. To form vicodin, it is combined with acetaminophen that blocks prostaglandins production in the nerve endings. This medicine has almost the same effects to morphine. The dangerous effects of vicodin may be experienced with consistent use of the medication at a higher dosage. Prolonged consumption of the medicine can also result to physical dependence and addiction.

People who are addicted to vicodin and have dependency issues on other substances, will suffer severe health complications. Addiction normally happens to a person who tends to take a substantial amount of the medication to obtain the desired effects of the drug. This is common to individuals who can easily buy and misuse the medication. Patients who experience serious side effects of vicodin are advised to see a doctor immediately as these may lead to other health issues.

The first indication of addiction to vicodin is usually observed when a person starts to become anxious of getting the prescription painkiller, and refill before the drug runs out. When a patient is addicted, he will also tend to require more drugs than what the doctor has prescribed. In this situation, his body has already built tolerance to the drug’s components making him think that the drug will be more efficient at a higher dosage.

Vicodin addicts usually have difficulty quitting the medication and show behavioral changes that will cause a problem to their friends and family. Some patients can even commit an illegal act just to acquire the medicine when all the options failed them. These are some of the symptoms that can be observed from a person who is addicted to vicodin. If you notice any of these signs to a friend or loved one who is taking this painkiller regularly, consult a substance abuse professional immediately.

Addiction to painkiller like vicodin can cause various side effects and other health complications that may be difficult to deal with. These can affect a person either psychologically or physically. Consulting a medical professional or counselor can be the safest option to consider.

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