Info On A Pain Killer That You Should Learn About

July 18, 2012 0 Comments

By Bryan Hill

Oxycontin is a medicine used as a pain reliever for mild to severe pain triggered by injuries, fractures, arthritis, cancer as well as other health problems. Many people consider Oxycontin as narcotic, since it could be addictive to some. Therefore, we’re going to learn about how Oxycontin positively affects those that really need it.

Outstanding Benefits of Oxycontin

1/ Relieves Pain: As mentioned before, Oxycontin is a highly effective pain killer that’s prescribed by doctors with caution.

2/ Maintains Back Pain and Spinal Difficulties: Those that suffer from severe back pain and those with spinal problems like degenerative disk disease can benefit from using Oxycontin frequently or as prescribed by their medical doctors. It will allow them to be able to function better rather than be limited by their condition.

Since Oxycontin is only prescribed by doctors, it is wise to consult with them if you have existing health problems before Oxycontin. The drug may interfere with these existing health conditions and make it worsen.

Who should not use Oxycontin? Individuals who have these problems shouldn’t use this medicine: Asthma, difficulty breathing or swallowing, liver, kidney, gallbladder disease, low blood pressure, epilepsy, mental disorders, history of drug or alcohol abuse.

It’s fine for expecting mothers to use Oxycontin, however it can be harmful for babies who are breast fed.

Again, it’s crucial that you discuss with your physician in advance before you consider using Oxycontin, not just to make sure that it is safe for you but also to learn about its negative effects.

Oxycontin Side Effects

Like any other drugs, Oxycontin has adverse reactions, some are really severe while many are tolerable, but it’s better to inform your medical doctor if you are having several or most of Oxycontin’s side effects. Listed here are the possible adverse reactions you can have from using Oxycontin: trouble breathing, slow pulse, seizures, cold, clammy skin, confusions or disorientation, nausea, vomiting, constipation, appetite loss, headache, fatigue, dry mouth.

Apart from the side effects, using Oxycontin can lead to bad effects on your health if:

1. If you take it too many times in one day
2. You’re using more than the dosage set for you
3. It’s not prescribed to you

These may help you develop a certain tolerance for the drug and will lead to addiction when you fail to control it. Withdrawal from the medicine could potentially cause more severe problems and could even result in death. Discipline and a lot of self control is vital when using Oxycontin.

Make sure you learn everything on Oxycontin before making use of it. Or like some people, if you are confusing about how Oxycontin vs Oxycodone, you can also learn from there.

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