Information About A Pain Medication

August 22, 2012 0 Comments

By Jackie Owens

Hydrocodone is a sedative pain medication. Hydrocodone APAP is a liquid ache reliever including a couple of medicines one is narcotic pain reliever and APAP is acetaminophen. These are a part of group of medicines called as narcotic pain killers. Acetaminophen that can be found in Hydrocodone is really a less powerful pain reliever which assists in boosting the effects of Hydrocodone. Medications with the mixture of the above two pain-killers can be used for treating pains which are of light to severe intensity.

This combination medicine is simply useful to treat pains and even used as an antitussive for the treatment of cough. Like in case of every medication you will also need to describe certain things about yourself to your medical doctor before you take this tablet. If you consume alcohol every day you might not be able to consume medicines containing acetaminophen. Don’t take greater than is recommended because over dose can harm liver or even cause death. Hydrocodone is addictive and so need to be taken only if given by a medical doctor. Keep these drugs in a secure place far from children. Before using any pain-killers for cold and allergies it is recommended to consult your doctor, as many combination medications have acetaminophen (APAP), this can lead to overdose of APAP and harm your liver. These medicines sometimes can result in tiredness for many people, therefore avoid driving vehicles if you are taking these medicines.

Always check with a physician if you’re having any allergic reactions to any of these medicines or its combinations. In case you have problems like liver or kidney ailments, alcohol addiction, low BP, brain tumor, or any mental disease it is wise to tell your physician before you take any of these drugs to prevent any future risks. You should consume Hydrocodone APAP as given by your medical doctor and don’t over use it.

Many of the dangerous side effects triggered due to Hydrocodone APAP are fainting, convulsions, breathing difficulties, itching, stomach ache, and vomiting. Lower severe effects of these medicines are mood swings, headache, blurring of vision and dry mouth. Consult your medical doctor right away if you feel not comfortable after using these drugs. If you are expectant or nursing babies inform your medical doctor about it, because this medication might be harmful to the unborn baby and might cause addictions in the baby. They can pass through the breast milk and harm the baby.

Stick to directions as mentioned in the prescription. Inform your physician if the medication is not working for you in relieving pain. Be aware of the volume of acetaminophen in the drugs as overdose can harm your liver. Always consume sufficient quantity of water in order to avoid constipation while you’re on these medicines. Consume fiber rich foods to avoid constipation and prevent laxatives. Sudden quitting of those drugs should be avoided as it can certainly lead to withdrawal symptoms in some people. Consult your medical doctor on how to quit the medicine progressively. In case of any surgery notify your surgeon if you’re taking any acetaminophen as you may have to stop them for a short time.

Get instant assistance in case of an overdose of Hydrocodone APAP.

Hydrocodone acetaminophen is a prescription medicine used for the treating of mild to severe pain. Go here to ensure that you know what should be the appropriate dosage for you.

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