Is Hypnotherapy Helpful To Address Drug Dependence

August 13, 2012 0 Comments

While many individuals debate on the efficiency of hypnotherapy in dealing with addiction, many continue to utilize this approach. When an addict prefers to go through this treatment option, the hypnotherapist will need testimonials from the patient’s family and friends.While there is inadequate proof for the success of hypnotherapy for clinical uses, it has been shown useful in coping with some health-related concerns.

Some addiction recovery specialists say that hypnotherapy is not actually useful as a treatment for any kind of disorders but others still believe that this method gives addicts the hope to overcome their addiction. Meanwhile, some professionals believe that while hypnotherapy can treat patients for some conditions, the use of this approach for medical conditions like substance abuse is not effective.

A lot of doctors agree that hypnosis is not sufficiently proven as a medical treatment. But there are positive results that indicate the effectiveness of hypnosis in some cases. However, there are low success rates for these instances. Majority of addiction recovery experts claim that patients who are considering to undergo hypnosis to deal with their addiction should also embark on other treatment approaches like counseling, drug therapy and rehabilitation.

Just like other conditions, drug addiction usually needs professional help. While some patients use alternative remedies, like hypnosis for withdrawal, for the side effects of their addiction, they are still advised to obtain supervised care as they experience uncomfortable bodily reactions. When it comes to the utilization of street medicines, there is a very little evidence that can support the effectiveness of hypnosis to deal with drug abuse.

However, because of the presence of some individual cases which prove the success of some hypnosis treatment, a lot of medical professionals seek the help of hypnotherapists to make them a part of their practice. Usually, hypnotherapy is included in the list of available health services in a lot of health centers. Those who want to overcome their addiction to cigarettes, gambling, alcohol or medications may seek for this treatment. Hypnotherapy has been effective for some people who want to experience relief for their condition.

Furthermore, hypnosis is also useful in managing some health issues that include sexual dysfunctions and weight loss. Also, this approach is beneficial in enhancing different sports performances and confidence concerns as well as dealing with stress management problems. Certainly, this approach may not be effective for everyone and while it is efficient for others, this often comes alongside other sorts of treatment.

While there is a less chance for sufferers to feel better using hypnotherapy, this strategy continues to exist because of some incidence that unveils success.

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