Learn About The Stages Of Drug Abuse Rehab Program For Recovery From Drug Addiction?

June 20, 2012 0 Comments

By Nabeel Shaukat

If an individual decides to get admitted in a drug abuse rehab programs, he will start a journey through different parts of the recovery program. In most of the cases these parts are broadly segregated into four stages. Every alcoholic has to pass through these four stages as he learns to develop a sober and clean lifestyle. We will explain these stages in detail.

These four stages of rehab program are: (1) Beginning of treatment, (2) Initial abstinence, (3) Maintaining abstinence (4) Advanced treatment.

Start of treatment:

When an addict reaches out to the recovery program for recovery from drug addiction, he starts the 1st stage of the recovery: Beginning of treatment. Whether the addict wants help willingly or is forced by the circumstances to go for rehabilitation, the procedure of his recovery will begin with him initiating the treatment program.

In the early days of recovery program, the addict may start to think that his problem of substance abuse is not as bad as others and he will have ambivalent feelings about quiting the drug or substance. It should be noted that the ambivalence and denial can be most terrible enemies of the addict in the initial days of rehab program.

Early Self denial:

The addict then enters into the second stage ones he has made a strong commitment to continue the rehab. At this stage he starts iearly denial of the substance or drugs. This stage can be the toughest due to a number of reasons such as physical craving, withdrawal symptoms, psychological dependence, and a lot of triggers that can make you relapse. This stage lasts for about 3 months.

Keeping up abstinence:

The program then moves onto the 3rd stage of drug addiction and recovery. The key objective of this stage is to maintain the self denial through shunning the relapse. The addict is trained about the signs and the steps that can cause a relapse.

This is the stage when the addicts who began a residential recovery center, will move to the stage of continuing or follow-up counseling on an out-patient basis.

Advanced recovery:

After keeping abstinence for about five years, the addict will move on to the fourth and last stage of recovery. At this stage the addict is able to use all the skills and tools (learnt during the rehab counseling) for living a fulfilling and satisfying life.

The addict will become a better person, parent, spouse, citizen and neighbor. Recover is much more than merely staying clean and sober.

There are different stages of drug abuse rehab and drug addiction and recovery which addicts must follow to perfectly to get out of this problem. The dilemma is that addicts don’t follow these stages perfectly and timely. We provide such trainings to these addicts that make them go through the process perfectly.Please come to us to find out more

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