Looking Younger: Who To Believe In?

July 5, 2012 0 Comments

By Javier Snover

Being actively associated in the health and fitness market, I often read plenty of product reviews, although to be perfectly honest, I no more read as many as I once did. To begin with, the majority of them are just written for one purpose, and that is to try and steer you towards purchasing a specific item.

Most of these reviews are created by people who have little knowledge regarding skincare and etc. Most are also not willing to do any research on a certain item before writing the review.

The second reason I do not read many reviews anymore is mainly because 99% of the lotions and creams being marketed now-a-days have chemical substances, and I personally refuse to promote or even advocate any skin care product if there are any chemicals in it. Since I have no interest in these kinds of products, I also do not have any need to read reviews regarding them.

I do utilize natural skin care products, including a great anti-aging cream, but I can guarantee you, there is not a single chemical substance in any of them. Of course if you make the decision to follow this route, looking for the best items can be quite challenging, and this is when a good honest wrinkle cream review can come in very helpful.

Not just can it save you a large amount of money, but it can also aid you to get the kind of results you are wishing for.

Usually, one can easily tell if a review is biased, or if the writer is simply trying to sell you something. On other occasions, a review can be extremely persuading even if it is not really honest. One excellent idea for avoiding these is to find mention of collagen.

Collagen is admittedly the cornerstone of healthful, young-looking skin, but there is a catch. The only real collagen capable of maintaining the health of your skin is the collagen your own body produces.

Collagen that is included into an anti-aging lotion serves no purpose whatsoever since collagen is unable to penetrate human skin. It is a physical impossibility, regardless of what any skin care producer says.

A good wrinkle creme review will almost always mention and talk about some of the ingredients in a certain product. If the writer places a lot of emphasis on “added collagen” then you must right away question the integrity of the review.

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