Natural Ingredients that are used to Make Skincare Products

July 28, 2012 0 Comments

The origin of the magical natural ingredient Cocoa is supposedly Mexico. Cocoa is said to have numerous health benefits when it is ingested as well as when used on external applications. The most famous natural skin treatment is done with chocolate and everyone is aware of the fact that chocolate is made from cocoa. The chocolate treatments help in moisturizing the skin and the cocoa butter is known for its hydrating abilities. This cocoa butter comprises of natural fat and hence when applied to the body lit smelts and seeps into the skin.

The cocoa butter is used in several natural skincare products and forms a crucial part of many skincare recipes as it has the ability to shield the skin from the ill-effects of the environment. When applied to the skin it helps the in retaining the moisture levels. Cocoa is also has strong anti-oxidant features and hence can helps in smoothening the wrinkles and fine lines. It helps in retaining the youthful look of the skin and does not allow any free radicals to damage the collagen that is present in the skin. Hence it helps in maintaining the elasticity face and other parts of the body.

Natural honey is yet another ingredient that is extensively used in skin care products. Honey is a natural ingredient that helps the skin and the body to heal from burns, scrapes and wounds. Honey helps in heals as well as rejuvenating the user’s skin. The presence of minerals, amino acid and vitamins in honey imparts it the ability to nourish the skin.

Honey also helps in making the skin look supple and keeps the ageing process at bay. The vitamin B and vitamin C combine with minerals like potassium to smooth out the fine lines and wrinkles. Just like cocoa, honey also has anti-oxidants that help in fighting any free radicals that can negatively affect the collagen in the skin.

Aloe Vera and its associated benefits cannot be emphasized enough. This is indeed a wonder ingredient and hence is used in almost all the natural skin care recipes. Aloe Vera is high in therapeutic and healing properties. It has been used in the manufacturing of various potent drugs. Aloe Vera is an herbal ingredient that helps in maintaining the vitality of the skin. The ingredient is in a gel form and is extremely mild and helps in soothing the skin. It helps in soothing frostbites, sunburns and other skin irritations.

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