Natural Treatment for Anxiety

July 30, 2012 0 Comments

By Alex Yew

Anxiety is a dreadful symptom of disorder that is caused by various physical and psychological malfunctions and also by an imbalance in the thyroid hormones. An anxiety is not usually dangerous, but it can be serious if the person experiencing it comes into the fear that they will never get rid of this feeling and will have to suffer for as long as they live. On the other hand, stress is regarded as the main accelerator for anxiety. Stress does have some role to play; it contributes in the cause of anxiety. When you are actually suffering from the bouts of anxiety, do not just make the mistake of controlling stress and thinking it will be enough for the cure of anxiety.

When you take any advice from friends and family on how to overcome anxiety, you are most likely to be advised to accept medication and anti depressants. Medication which is prescribed for anxiety has a relaxing and stimulating effect on the mind of the body, which people very easily associate with addictive drugs. These medicines are prescribed for minimum dosage so that they do not harm the body in any way. Once you start taking these medicines, you will be compelled to continue with them and in no way can you live even one day without them. You may get so addicted that even with the slightest of panic or stress situation, you may want to pop the pill.

Natural remedies thus prove to be the savior for such people who do not want to force their body into drugged relaxation and choose an anxiety treatment which is safe and very much effective as well. Some ingredients have been known to mankind as stress relievers and these work against anxiety as well. Chamomile is a well known beverage and most health conscious people drink it to keep their metabolism in shape. It has been known for a long time for the relaxing feelings one experiences when drinking Chamomile and thus to unload your stress, you can replace it as your regular beverage and consume it instead of tea and coffee.

On the other hand, passion flower is also taken in beverage form and it is easily available in any herbal shop. Passion flower has been known for giving natural treatment for anxiety and thus they can be used effectively against anxiety. This helps you in two ways, one is that you take natural and harmless medicines for reducing anxiety. Second is that you can stop drinking beverages which have caffeine in it which actually is stealthily helping the stress monster in your body. Thus, tea and coffee should not be perceived as drinks to relax your body.

For externally treatment, soothing oils with fragrant smell should be used for massages along your tight and paining areas to relieve the tension from your body. Letting out the tension from the muscles with the help of the right massage techniques at the right pressure points will create a relaxing effect and help you cope with anxiety better. This is a good treatment for anxiety and when done just before sleep or any leisure activity, it will allow your body to recharge its energy. It will also exercise your body to regulate blood and hormone circulation without much effort.

Natural Treatment for Anxiety” is one of the best online free resources for people who have anxiety. People who have anxiety are recommended to use natural treatment with some medical treatment to cure anxiety.

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