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July 23, 2012 0 Comments

By Maria Causley

One of the biggest problems for many individuals is definitely the roll of excess fat which they have around their midsection. Really, most of the time it’s far more than just a roll of excess fat.

It’s unsightly and a lot people can’t stand it and wish they could get rid of it. However ugliness isn’t really the real issue. The real problem is that it’s extremely unhealthy and might cause a variety of illnesses as well as premature death.

I want to start by indicating that most fat is not the same. There are two forms generally known as subcutaneous and visceral.

The subcutaneous variety is likely the one which you complain about the most, but it is not the harmful type. If you reach down to your waist and grab a roll of excess fat you’re grabbing the subcutaneous type, and even though it’s not a pleasant sight, it’s unexpected to kill you.

It’s the excess fat you cannot see, the deep fat, that really does the damage, and it is hidden deep in your abdominal area, inside of your rib cage. It is the body fat surrounding your important internal organs including your heart.

Plus it does add to your pot-belly; in fact, it is the major body fat that creates it, however, you are unable to see or feel it directly so a lot of people don’t get worried about this.

If it just sat there it probably would not be too much of a issue, but it does not. Visceral body fat isn’t inert; it can be, in reality, naturally productive, so it works like an “body organ” one of the bigger ones in your body, and just like other organs it produces numerous substances.

Many of these are usually leptin (appetite suppressant) and cytokines such as interleukin that could produce serious inflammation, and it will result in cortisol which also creates inflammation.

Reason Why Deep body fat is So Bad

Deep fat is extremely bad since it points straight to high Ldl cholesterol and low High-density lipoprotein one thing you do not need. It really is, in fact, a part of what is called the metabolic syndrome which is a major risk for heart disease and stroke.

Insulin resistance develops when your muscles and liver do not respond correctly to usual levels of insulin, which forces your pancreas to create an excessive amount. Because of this, the blood sugar levels in your body increase to levels higher than they need to be.

In addition to being a part of the metabolic syndrome, deep body fat might also trigger Diabetes II, Cancer, and Dementia.

So it’s definitely something you intend to eliminate, not only due to the fact it does not look really good.

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