People Of The Substance Abuse Treatment Facility

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Men and women who have a career in the field of drug and alcohol abuse may have different reasons for their choice. While some of them are employed by drug rehab because of their expertise in the field, other staff is there to aid sufferers who may share similar stories as theirs in the past.

People who work for rehabilitation centers are dedicated individuals who offer the best care to patients undergoing intervention and treatment. Recognizing the roles of these workers may be useful when you have a loved one who needs therapy for addiction.

The Workforce

1. Counselors – This expert provides drug abuse counseling to patients, to their friends and family. These counselors will help sufferers deal with their problems practically. For example, they can assist recovering individuals in looking for jobs or places to live. The roles of counselors don’t include the prescription of medications or provision of psychological therapy.

2. Drug Therapy Professional – This is a specialist in addiction therapy centers that conduct interviews to identify the eligibility of an addict for alcohol or drug abuse program. This individual is likely to hold drug education classes and provide individual or group counseling to substance abusers. He’ll come up with a therapy plan based on the psychosocial history and therapy summary of a patient.

3. Prevention Specialist – This worker provides drug or alcohol prevention resources and services to many community sectors. He’ll be talking to a group of people, young and adult, in the community to make them mindful of the effects of illegal drugs in their lives. He may also interact with the school community to increase drug and alcohol awareness.

4. Peer Support Expert – This person who had been addicted to substances and is now in a long period of sobriety. He can make himself a good example to existing suffers and give them hope that rehab and treatment is possible when addicts are willing to change.

5. Placement Professional – This expert assesses the direct needs of patients. He also comes up with a strategy in making treatment plans, decides if a patient needs more intense therapy, decides to place a patient into a location where he’ll experience a transition of his living environment.

People who work for addiction therapy centers ensure that patients are given with the correct therapy approach. They also continue to monitor patients as they are released from the drug and alcohol treatment centers.

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