Precisely What Triggers An Opiate Addiction

June 21, 2012 0 Comments

An opiate addiction is the dependency of an individual on opiate based prescription drugs or medication such as heroin, morphine and other pain killers that may be purchased legally or illegally. Those who suffer from an addiction such as this need help or rehabilitation at once in order to avoid the long term unwanted side effects that these types of drugs can leave in a person’s body. The most effective therapy for such is to enroll in a treatment program or counseling to be able to mentally eliminate their dependency or addiction.

Subjects who undergo treatment from an opiate addiction will go through several physical and psychological symptoms during their withdrawal state. Physical signs or symptoms from such addictions are muscle cramping, itching, chills, tremors and vomiting are just among others while psychological indications during withdrawal are usually panic, insomnia, fear and depression. There’s a strong probability that a person who undergoes withdrawal from this addiction would sink into a depressive condition and would be excessively paranoid they believe every person they meet has an ulterior motive against them.

Therapy and treatment for opioid abuse is long term, from several months to a year or so. The reason being this kind of dependency is very challenging to flush out from the system and would need rigorous treatment and counseling mixed with prescription medications to counteract a person’s withdrawal, hankerings and urges to return to their addiction once again. People who go through this kind of rehabilitation isn’t immediately discharged after their therapy is full, they should be observed if they could again deal with their lives back into society or their community. After they have already been observed for a few weeks then they are free to go back to their normal life given that they will still continue with their treatment and their therapy.

However there aren’t any guarantees for those who’ve been addicted to opiates for a long time since they would have that craving and the urge to use or take these harmful drugs even if they have been given a clean bill of recovery from their particular addiction. That is why once they have gone through the treatment process, they are still required to continue with their prescription medicine in order for them maintain themselves from being sober. Should they experience a sudden desire to relapse then they can simply go back to their therapy sessions and or group counseling.

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