Prescription Medication For ADHD – Sitting On a Prospective Time Bomb

August 20, 2012 0 Comments

Are you or maybe one of your young ones being administered treatment method for ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)? If so, then you should indeed continue reading. I’m not going to inform you that the treatment you or your youngster is getting is useless, because the truth is; you’ve no doubt found it to be very effective. Instead, I’m simply going to alert you to some of the hazards with regards to ADHD prescription drugs.

Before I commence, I must just emphasize that I am NOT a physician, and so whatever you view over the next couple of paragraphs shouldn’t be interpreted as being specialist advice. Additionally, I am NOT a multi-millionaire, so please realize I cannot afford to name the drugs I’m about to talk about. If you’d like to discover exactly which drugs I’m referring to, you may want to perform a quick Google search, and all will be revealed.

Before I start, I must just emphasize that I am NOT a medical professional, which means that whatever you read in the next few paragraphs really shouldn’t be interpreted as being professional advice. In addition, I am certainly not a multi-millionaire, so you should understand that I can’t afford to name the drugs I’m about to take a look at. If you would like to discover exactly which drugs I’m referring to, please feel free to perform a quick Google search, and certainly pretty much all will be revealed.

Okay, first things first… Did you know that the most typically prescribed ADHD prescription drugs are a “Category II Controlled Substance” in the States and most other nations as well? In fact, they’re even banned in certain countries. Being a “Category II” controlled substance means they’re the same class of drug as cocaine, opium and etcetera, but yet physicians are willing to prescribe these medicines to boys and girls as young as 6 years old.

Had you any idea that these kinds of medications can also result in critical and irreparabledamage to the heart? Just a few years ago, a fourteen year old kid passed away out of the blue, and when an autopsy was carried out, the medical specialist found he died from extended consumption of the most common ADHD drug. He was taking the medicine for 7 years, during which time it was slowly but surely destroying his heart. He’s not the sole victim, but his dad and mom did make a substantial effort to make other parents mindful of the risks involved when taking these drugs. As a matter of fact, the Food and Drug Administration released an official warning following the 51st ADHD drug related heart attack death occurred.

Suicides remain commonplace among people, most notably teens getting these medications. Simply a slight shift in dose may end up in thoughts of suicide and/or suicide. Just for instance, in 2009, a 15 year old British teenager hung himself in his bedroom immediately after being put on ADHD prescription drugs. To make matters more painful, the boy in question had been seen by a little over 200 professionals.

The danger of committing suicide is in fact so great, that the FDA has now made it mandatory for drug manufacturers to print a “BLACK BOX WARNING” on all packaging. Children as young as seven have already made their attempts to take their own lives soon after being administered these powerful amphetamines, nonetheless medical professionals continue giving them to people of all ages. Certainly, prescription drugs for ADHD might keep your child more easily managed, but at what expense?

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