Prescription Substance Abuse In Teens

August 3, 2012 0 Comments

Drug Abuse can greatly affect the body’s health and equilibrium for it can develop into life-threatening problem if it is not treated with proper interventions. Abusing prescription medications are very alarming to the community and it is now a common issue among teens. Most teenagers who are abusing prescription drugs don’t understand the negative effects and how it will negatively affect the quality of their life. To help understand teenagers and other people about drug abuse in all forms, it’s a must to educate them about drug abuse.

Reasons for Addiction

There are a lot of reasons why teenagers turn to prescription drug addiction. Peer pressure is one aspect that the teenager will utilize drugs. Using it will make it easy for him or her to fit in the crowd because his or her circle of buddies is utilizing it as well. Another reason is the sensation or feeling it gives to the body. The adolescent may like the feeling of sleepiness, euphoria, increased energy, dizziness and being alert at all times. Drug abusers may introduce the method to other teens and the chain goes on where they are already being dependent of using prescription medications. In order for your children to avoid this habit you should explain to them the importance of drug rehabilitation programs.

Drug Types

An adolescent can easily abuse drugs if the supply is readily available. Prescription drugs are said to be accessible in the medicine cabinets at home. One common type of prescription drugs which most teens tend to abuse are the pain relievers. This will include propoxyphene, codeine, oxycodone, hydrocodone and morphine. The side effects that this drug gives are respiratory depression, sedation, coma and heart attack. Other kinds of drugs that are well known to be abused by teenagers include depressive drugs and stimulants which can trigger fatal side effects if being utilized continuously.

Therapy Options

If the teenager won’t stop abusing prescription drugs it’ll result to dependence and it may ruin his or her academic status in school. This will also make illegal issues because it’s for a fact that utilizing drugs is not permitted in any nation and the individual is violating the law. Abusing prescription medications will greatly ruin relationships from family and friends as well as the quality of life. There are a lot of treatment options to consider for teens with addiction problems. One of the best interventions for prescription drug abuse is through submitting the adolescent to the inpatient rehabilitation center or drug treatment centers. This will give a long term therapy in terms of detoxification, counseling, behavioral treatment, follow-ups and outpatient care programs.

Parents must guide their children well especially during teen years. Prescription drug addiction may happen but it can also be prevented with proper guidance and interventions. Rehabilitation centers provide all effective methods in treating and managing drug abuse in any form to help teenagers and other drug abuser recover.

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