Raw Bench Press Training

June 28, 2012 0 Comments

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Raw bench-press training is actually quite a non-specific thing because we are all structured differently and have a different upper body make-up. There could be weaknesses in your lower back or triceps that you are unaware of when you are benching so that would be the first objective.

Finding out where you start to fail when you are training with your maximum weight is the key to finding your weakest link in your own bench-press. For example if you fail at the bottom of the press when the bar is against your chest then your weakest link will be your pecs and shoulders.

If you are failing with your maximum load when you are trying to lock-out at the end of the press then your weak link is your triceps. You will be able to make a big difference to your bench-press by changing your workout routine to suit your specific requirements.

What this means is that if for example your triceps are the weak link in your bench-press then you should change your routine from doing triceps after your chest workout to starting with triceps when you are fresh. So you would change your routine to a day when you work triceps and biceps together on the same day.

But that is only the first step in getting the best and most powerful bench-press that you can. There are many other ways that you can increase the power of you bench by working with chains and bands. This will be able to increase your maximum by a very large percentage if you do it correctly.

There are many creative ways that one can use in order to get the maximum effect on creating your own raw bench-press training routine that works for you. For example using a bench-press shirt will help you load and lift more weight and this will help you increase your gains.

Sets and reps is all related to one work which is what gaining muscle and raw training is all about and that word is INTENSITY. Intensity is everything and will either show you have what it takes to get the results that you are wanting or not.

After warm-ups done correctly and using the correct form one should never do more than 6 reps if you want to get maximum gains in your bench-press. Stick with a program or new routine that you are trying like bands, chains or wearing a benching shirt for about 6 weeks before you decide if it works.

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