Residential Treatment: A Good Drug And Alcohol Therapy Option

July 6, 2012 0 Comments

Nowadays, residential alcoholism and drug abuse treatment facility is one type of treatment facility which concentrates on treating drug abusers and alcoholics. Patients are housed in one rehabilitation campus under the professional care of reliable counselors and psychotherapists.

At present, there are different kinds of drug and alcohol treatment facilities which furnish effective treatments for victims of alcohol and illicit drugs. Statistics from the U.S. reveal that around 112 million people aged twelve already tried utilizing illegal substances. Lucky for those who successfully controlled and stopped using them. These days, myriad rehabilitation centers sprouted like mushrooms to serve drug and alcohol abuse patients and one is the residential drug addicts treatment facility.

Before a patient is given a specific treatment program, he is interviewed by a licensed in-house alcohol and drug counselor to evaluate the kind of therapy which works best for him or her condition. Drug abuse counselors consider many factors before deciding a particular therapy program like mental and physical health, withdrawal, relapse, and readiness of the patient to change. When they see possibility of relapse, home therapy is considered as a good option in treating the patient. In cases where patients utilized illegal drugs for a long period of time, detoxification is needed to help overcome withdrawal symptoms. It also prevents convulsions and other complications that might happen during withdrawal stage.

When the patient is done with detoxification method, substance abuse treatment starts. Normally, this process is made up of 3 major parts like:

Individual therapy – This involves one-on-one treatment session with a drug and alcohol psychologist or counselor.

Group treatment – It’s another therapy technique where patients learn from one another by sharing their experiences and working with other affected individuals to change their behaviors. This process aids affected individuals understand that they aren’t alone and solitary in their challenges and struggles.

Learning activities – Drug treatment centers applied unique strategies and tools to overcome illegal drug use and to achieve better and normal lives. They also learn coping skills, stress management and relaxation strategies to continue their recovery outside drug addiction rehabilitation center.

With the unique and professional therapy of home drug and alcohol treatment centers, no doubt it is one of the best options available nowadays. Share these details to someone you know who have friends or loved ones who are alcoholics or drug abusers.

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