Risks Associated With Drug Abuse

August 10, 2012 0 Comments

Substance abuse is known to be associated with a lot of dangers in terms of the abuser’s health, emotional aspects, financial needs, legal matters and relationships to people. Substance users are not fully aware of the effects that addiction may bring to their own lives. It’s important to stop or eliminate substance abuse in order to maintain the balance of life and health. Knowing the dangers of substance abuse may help abusers realize that alcohol and drug addiction will not give them any benefits. It can also help the society be aware that substance abuse is a dangerous thing that people should not engage to.

Physiological Effects

Substance abuse is a serious condition that needs immediate help from specialists of drug and alcohol treatment programs. If it is left untreated, it may progress to life- threatening problems that can affect the abuser’s overall health and welfare. Drug and alcohol abuse can destroy the liver and other organs in the body. The abuser may be of higher risk in acquiring different diseases which include heart problems, different forms of cancer, impaired nervous system and lung problems. Common warning signs of substance abuse are rooted teeth, weight loss, increase heart and pulse rate and hypertension. The mentioned ailments may develop complications if the addict is not given immediate therapy.

Legal and Financial Consequences

Legal issues can happen because a substance addict may perform dangerous acts to himself or herself as well as to other people in the society. Abusers may commit violent crimes like selling of illegal drugs and performing domestic violence. Financial consequences also happen in terms of medical expenses and spending a lot for treatment and rehab. This problem does not only affect the abuser but also his or her family. A substance addict can be less productive in work causing less income to support his or her family. Admitting the patient to drug and alcohol treatment is also expensive thus creating financial hardships for the family.

Relationship and Emotional Consequences

Relationships to family members, buddies and other people may be affected because of substance abuse. These people may feel fear and lack of trust to the abuser because of substance addiction. Typical emotional dangers would include depression, psychosis, memory loss, paranoia, guilt, fear, anxiety and high level of stress.

The dangers associated with substance addiction should be identified to help the addict during rehabilitation. Substance addiction should be treated with proper interventions and programs that promote effective recovery. All dangers due to substance abuse can be managed with the help of rehabilitation centers that offer wide ranges of treatment solutions and programs for recovery.

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