Some Tips On Successful Drug Abuse Rehabilitation

August 1, 2012 0 Comments

Drug addiction is like a plague that victimizes many people both old and young. A national survey conducted on drug use and health revealed that 9.4% of the US population from age 12 and above require remedy for drug addiction. This data was revealed in 2007. Year after year, an increase of the number of drug users is steady. To make matters worse, most of those who are victims of drug addiction are often left untreated.

Many perceive treatment for any kind of illness as agonizing. Being inside a hospital is never appealing to any person even children. The idea of acknowledging one’s disease is also a challenge. Many avoid or even neglect current physical and psychological problems hoping to find a remedy on their own. A lot of those who fall into drug abuse undergo self medication hoping that what they are doing is the answer to their problems. Alcohol and other prescription medicines are the usual obtained solutions.

Drug treatment programs offer help to those who are in dire need of cure. There are many of programs for drug abuse all around us. There are certain factors that are necessary in a treatment program to make it effective. One study on drug abuse treatment revealed that providing prize rewards is highly effective although this approach is rarely used. The giving of rewards was based on the negative results obtained after urine samples of those undergoing therapy were obtained at regular day interval schedules. Abstinence of drug or alcohol was the target goal of this kind of therapy. The results of this study show its effectiveness but this type of program is not applicable to all.

General criteria for drug treatment to work include proper knowledge of the complexity of drug abuse, availability of therapy, enough length of treatment, use of counseling in groups or individual, use of medication for detoxification, continuous assessment and modification of treatment to suit individual’s needs, checking for the presence of other mental disorders. Every drug abuse case is unique just like every person is unique. The approach to any treatment also differs in every person. Treatment may not have to be voluntary in order to be effective. Family members and friends may need to be bold and dominant in demanding therapy specially when the addiction has taken strong hold in a loved one’s life. Understanding and checking for the presence of other contagious diseases like HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B or C, tuberculosis must also be done because these diseases require additional precautions in treatment.

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