Substance Abuse: Signs

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People who have been abusing harmful drugs could be suffering from other issues but the symptoms can be overlapping that it becomes hard to figure out which of them is a result of substance abuse. Fortunately, those who have over used medications will display visible behavioral and physical changes. Becoming knowledgeable about the drug abuse symptoms can protect a loved one’s life.

Understand Attitude Changes

Medicine abusers tend to lose interest with their relationships to friends, colleagues and loved ones. They often demonstrate weird behaviour, changing from a negative mood to an interesting one and the other way around.

Analyze School and Job Capabilities

People who have been dependent on harmful drugs tend to show obvious changes in the way they manage their job or school obligations. Based on some research, substance abuse may result to higher error rates, workaholic behavior, lack of organization, lack of enthusiasm, low production results, absenteeism and tardiness. This would also include embarrassing and odd interpersonal practices when these individuals attend public events.

Recognize Individual Hygiene

Drug Dependent persons often don’t worry about their personality and hygiene. They tend to pay less care about keeping themselves good-looking and tidy. Their mind is just too occupied by the idea that they need to get their next dosage of illegal drugs.

Notice Reactions in Talks

When medication abusers are under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs, they will not be able to reply to talks instantly. Indeed, they are likely to present illogical replies. Use of some harmful drugs will also result to slurred speech. Some research claimed that drug abusers will find it tough to pay attention to discussions.

Recognize Eye Movements

Substance addicts who take hallucinogenics and stimulants will have dilated pupils. When depressants and heroin are used, users are likely to have contracted pupils. Additionally, those who display bloodshot eyes may have a cocaine or meth addiction while people who have tearing eyes may have abused inhalants.

Examine the Presence of Paraphernalia

Of course, when an individual has drug-use devices like pipes, cigarette papers and bongs, this could mean that he is into drugs. There are other types of paraphernalia depending on the substances beings utilized.

Being able to identify the symptoms of drug addiction will guide the suffering addict because this could mean acquiring early treatment. A worried loved one will need to see the noticeable changes in the attitude and look of the individual so he can provide help.

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