Symptoms Of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

June 7, 2012 0 Comments

By Javier Snover

There are several symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, and these can vary from one person to the next based on the seriousness of the condition. The initial symptoms experienced may be mild and slightly uncomfortable but these are not normally severe at first. The fingers on the hand, specially the thumb, index, and middle fingers, may begin to tingleor to go numb at times. The individual may also encounter a slight pain or throbbing in the area as well.

The symptoms encountered when this issue exists tend to be bad at night and when the impacted tissues are used. Most of the time the condition is short lived and will go away without therapy. This is especially true if the condition results from a minor wrist injury and tissue swelling. Oftentimes the symptoms do not resolve very quickly though, and treatment may need to be sought.

Carpal tunnel syndrome appears to cause more signs and symptoms at nighttime, and in certain situations the discomfort could be serious enough to disturb sleep and keep the person up at night. If the pain, numbness, or tingling becomes severe enough these signs may affect the usual activities and day-to-day schedule. In serious cases the wrist and hand may be impacted to the point where items can not be picked up or held. Numbness can cause individuals to drop things, and the pain and tingling may make even getting dressed a big chore.

If signs and symptoms persist or continue to get worse then a physician should be consulted. In certain cases drugs may be given to control discomfort, reduce the swelling, and alleviate the symptoms experienced. Surgical treatment may be used as a last case resort when other treatment methods failed, and in some instances this treatment method may not be successful either.

Repetitive stress is one of the biggest causes of this condition and rest may eliminate the symptoms without any other therapy at all.

CTS can be a very serious condition that can change lives. If any symptoms of this disease are encountered then it is important to allow the impacted tissues to rest and recover.

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