The Background of Abortion and also The Numerous Methods

July 13, 2012 0 Comments

By Byron Dyson

Abortion is really a medical practice that is known to be as old as 5000 years. It has been noted that in Chinese Folklore, the existing emperor would suggest mercury for use in abortions. The first recorded evidence of abortion originates from Egypt in 1550 B.C. It has been documented in early Chinese records that abortions were performed on royal concubines 500 as well as 515 B.C. During these times, different methods were used to undertake an abortion. Methods ranged from herbal supplements, deep abdominal massage, making use of sharp instruments which were inserted into the uterus, and other liquids that were flushed through the uterine tract.

Through each century, abortion laws have obviously improved. The Catholic Church, prior to the mid-1500s, believe in an approach referred to as “quickening.” With this technique, the mother would check for any fetal movement within the womb, to ascertain whether an abortion was allowed. Abortion was lawful prior to the use of this process. It was only in the 18th and also 19th centuries that politicians, medical doctors, and also religious officials made efforts to ban abortion. During the early 1900s, banning abortion was successful inside the United States. At present, abortion is legal. However, legislators and also officials are continuously striving to make abortion harder for ladies to obtain. Abortion needs to be a personal decision that a woman makes.

A whole lot of the abortion methods throughout history were non-surgical. Some of these odd sounding methods include pouring hot water onto the abdomen, strenuous training and exercise including lifting weights, diving, paddling, lying on a heated coconut shell, and also using leaves with irritant properties. Thousands of years ago, medical instruments for operative abortions were utilised and found archeologically, but have not been documented in old medical texts.

Thousands of years ago, in Ancient Greek times, the procedure would be performed by midwives or any other knowledgeable persons. In 2nd century Greece, there was a perception that some women should have abortions if they were not mentally sound enough to raise children. The recommendations that he made for abortion methods included animal riding, energetic walking, enemas, fasting, as well as other methods.

During the 19th century, Dr. McMahon modified the operative abortion into a method which was considered less morbid and with a lower mortality rate for the individual. He believed in removing the fetus intact, as opposed to in pieces, which was also dangerous for the patient. The abortions he performed were only done for medical reasons, such as birth abnormalities and conditions that would prevent the fetus from growing into a healthy infant, and he found this method to be more humane. This would later be known as the partial birth abortion. Although Dr. McMahon only performed a surgical abortion for medical reasons, the public deemed it as inhumane and also as murder. These were not the doctor’s objectives.

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