The Benefits Of Wicking Pajamas

August 24, 2012 0 Comments

Sufferers of night sweats are not only woken up by sudden flashes of heat but kept awake by the resulting sheen of sweat. Wicking pajamas help to eliminate the second problem by allowing wearers to dry off quickly without the need to get up. This allows people to get back to sleep quickly and comfortably.

While menopause is well known for causing night sweats, there are many other reasons people can experience this condition. Diabetes, pregnancy and even chemotherapy are just some of the causes of sudden spikes in body temperature. For this reason, wicking pajamas are made for men as well as women. Kid-sized versions are available as well.

Many types of fabric can be said to “breathe,” but true wicking sleepwear is made from special materials designed specifically to allow moisture to evaporate. The same type of technology is used for some types of sweat shirts, camping gear and exercise wear. When incorporated into sleepwear, it provides a fast drying time that can’t be matched by plain cotton or other traditional fabrics.

You don’t have to use the standard two-piece pajama format to get wicking capabilities in your sleepwear. Gowns, night shirts and other traditional formats are readily available. This will allow you to be thoroughly comfortable all night long.

The idea of a high-tech fabric may seem a bit out there, but technology is indeed very important for making true wicking materials. First, polyester is used because it allows sweat to travel along the outside of its fibers rather than absorbing the liquid. Polyester will only absorb 0.4 percent of its weight in water, while cotton sucks up a whopping seven percent. Suddenly cotton doesn’t seem so breathable after all.

The polyester fibers are then given a special twist and weave to increase their wicking capabilities even more. The texture of the fibers is also carefully controlled to maximize their utility in this area. Finally, the fabric is turned into garments and other items where wicking ability is useful.

Because of the higher technology involved in making these fabrics, wicking garments cost more than their standard counterparts. Sometimes, shortages of raw fabric will also exist. This makes wicking nightwear harder to find and puts more upward pressure on prices.

Despite the premium cost, most people who use wicking garments and sleepwear find that it is well worth the investment. During the day, wicking ability prevents clothing from becoming obviously wet and allows for comfort even during exercise. At night, the same properties allow for a quick return to comfort after a hot flush. Wicking nightwear also allows for comfortable sleep on hot summer nights. This makes the sleepwear popular even among those who don’t experience sudden increases in body temperature.

If you experience night sweats or simply have to endure hot nights without air conditioning, give wicking night-clothes a try. You’re sure to find that you’ll be more comfortable when the sweat is able to quickly evaporate. With better sleep, you’ll have far more energy to face the challenges of the upcoming day.

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