The Dangers Of Pain Relievers

July 23, 2012 0 Comments

Prescription drugs like Vicodin are utilized for a purpose. The main reason why they aren’t sold over the counter is because they have serious side effects which can cause other health problems or a possible addiction. The dangerous side effects from vicodin may not be something someone thinks about while taking it specially when an addiction starts to sets in. Responsible care should be followed when such drug is prescribed by the physician. If the use of the medicine has treated the main problem, then that’s where it should end. However, there are many cases wherein the medication is already abused by the user without him realizing it.

Since Vicodin is known to remedy mild to severe cases of pain, prolonging its use can lead to side-effects or even more severe complications. Altering the dosage prescribed by the physician can be very harmful. The medication can complicate one’s breathing, cause drowsiness and dizziness. It can even double the trouble when taken with alcohol. If Vicodin is not taken carefully, dangers in driving or other tasks and dependence can take place. One should remember that using this drug goes beyond than just alleviating pain. The threats involved are more than one can imagine.

Withdrawal symptoms may be intolerable for the addict if the medication is stopped so suddenly. Rehabilitation centers across the country can give support to those who are victims of drug abuse. Turning to professional help can greatly save someone suffering from Vicodin addiction. An intervention must be done in order to prevent any more dangers the drug can bring like physical or mental complications and even death.

Vicodin has its addictive properties which can immediately cause dependence in so little time. There are bad effects of vicodin to look for if you know someone is using the drug to ease pain. Those symptoms mentioned above can be detected and can even become more obvious when Vicodin is abused. Proven studies show that reaction to medications which contain opioids can lead to respiratory depression. When this occurs, respiratory rate becomes below the normal rate. Check warning signs and be aware about the possible risks this medication can give. Do not let the problem just slip and left to worsen.

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