The Main Difference Between Remedial and Relaxation Massage

July 26, 2012 0 Comments

By Sasha L. Scott

I’m sure you’ve heard of remedial and relaxation massage before. I’m also quite sure that the difference between the two is not very clear to you. So read further to know more about these two unique massage therapies.

Relaxation Massage

This type of massage is popularly known as Swedish massage. It aims to distress and untie tight muscles in your body. This is ideal for people who have had a busy and hectic week. If you feel like you need some TLC, this is ideal for you.
Therapists make use of flowing strokes, kneading, petrissage and tapotement during the therapy . It gently manipulates swollen and tight muscles. It should be pain-free and relaxing. It aims to calm your muscles and your mind.

Remedial Massage

This is ideal for people who have been experiencing muscle tension or chronic muscle pains. Your therapist will completely assess your condition and identify the areas that need treatment. They will also try to identify what have been causing you pain.

Tests will be done so they can identify the group of muscles that have been causing you trouble then tailor a treatment just for you. Usually, deep tissue work will be performed for a certain amount of time. Actually, it can be a combination of gentle, strong, deep or shallow strokes as it aims to provide a holistic body treatment. They also employs passive joint stretching. It doesn’t only aim to treat the disorder but the symptoms as well. Therefore, specialized techniques are employed to repair and locate damage in your muscles and joints.

This type of treatment is ideal for people who are suffering from:

1. Sciatica
2. Carpal tunnel syndrome
3. Stiff neck
4. Headaches
5. Sports injuries and more!

Both the remedial and relaxation massage aims to improve a person’s well being. It aims to relieve or reduce stress, improve circulation, improve ROM or range of movement, relax and ease muscle tensions and provide relaxation.

Once we are free from all these stressful body conditions, we feel more recharged and rejuvenated. Thus, it gives us extra energy to continue doing what we do best in our lives. It gives us the energy to face another stressful and busy week without compromising our health.

We owe it to ourselves to take care of our body and our health because it’s also one way of preventing illnesses that can be brought about by stress. And we all know that stress it the most common culprit of many illnesses today.

If you want to know more or if you want to receive advice regarding what type of therapy is best for you, talk to a qualified massage therapist near you. You may also visit our website for a wealth of information:

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