The Profound Challenge Of Cancer

August 4, 2012 0 Comments

By Wrath Warbone

As you perhaps know I spend part of my time promoting the Budwig Diet in hopes of helping people overcome cancer with an inexpensive plan that can be self administered at home. I happily make a small sum of commissions doing so. I use the protocol to improve my respiration in reply to my severe COPD. The works available on the topic by Dr. Budwig and her supporters strike me as conclusive. But like many people I often wonder why such suffering is allowed in this world in the first place.

People who have severe challenges to their health and many painful experiences and no solutions to the problem at hand often wonder”Where is God? If there is a God and He is good why doesn’t he put a stop to the suffering of Mankind?”

Paramahansa Yogananda, the first Yoga Master to come to the United States, arriving in 1916, wrote that the world was originally intended by God to be a kind of a theater where people would enjoy the play, Life, and participate in it’s production. Everybody in the beginning was well aware that life was meant as an entertainment and that death was an illusion intended to add intensity to the drama. But when the Play got scary some people lost track of its frivolous nature and panicked at the implication of profound threat to their bodies and souls. In order to survive what they feared far too seriously they started doing abusive things to one another to survive. The result was they incurred a negative credit in the Karmic machinery of the Universe and that bad karma, sometimes expressed as an eye for an eye and a tooth for tooth, pushed them further into mental darkness and misapprehension. From there it was an ongoing downward spiral. So why doesn’t God step in and stop the Play?

Yogananda says the problem is, again, the karmic law, or the rules of the Universe. God cannot dramatically intervene as long as bad karma is operating in our lives, according to Yogananda. It is stated in the Holy Bible that God will dramatically intervene in the future with an attack against human kind and then Judgment Day but the implication is this will not happen until the Karmic debt is sufficiently huge and the intervention will be largely judgmental. I am not saying that cancer patients are bad and deserve their illness. But I do think the preservatives industry that causes much of the world’s cancer is bad. They mistreated Dr. Budwig regularly because she published and promoted her wonderful protocol. In my opinion she was on the level of a Gandhi or a Martin Luther, although she was a scientist rather than a philosopher. She will defeat them, ultimately. I am sure.

Is there any benefit to our plight? It is my personal observation that the threat and existence of physical death greatly intensifies the ability of the heart to feel. And that the challenges of life give us opportunity to participate as successful players in the ongoing story of life. We learn and grow much more from our suffering than from any other experiences that life affords. It is my expectation that our suffering will give us the capacity to fully enjoy a great Coming Joy that most people will experience in the future. Without the suffering we would remain bored and emotionally shallow people. When the Great Joy is granted we will spend part of our days relating our stories of victories, patience and sacrifice in the face of horribly difficult challenges and we will enjoy this activity a lot.

If your profound challenge at the moment is a cancer I think you can successfully meet it with the Budwig Diet. Although I cannot give medical advice it is my conviction that the Budwig Diet is a sound solution to any cancer and if you make use of it you will be victorious. Anyway, thanks for your patience with this bit of speculation and for reading this article. Best of success with your recovery.

Wrath Warbone is a casual writer with a strong interest in the Budwig Diet. Get more on Dr. Budwig’s easy Cancer Protocol

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