The “Water Pill” For The Treatment Of Hypertension And Fluid Retention

July 28, 2012 0 Comments

By Bryan Hill

Triamterene HCTZ combines two diuretics namely, Triamterene and Hydrochlorothiazide in the treating of hypertension and fluid retention. It’s a prescription drug, and is available in two dosage forms, tablets and capsules. It’s used either alone or in combination with other drugs, which causes the body to eliminate unnecessary water and sodium salts in to the urine, but sparing the loss of potassium in the body.

Triamterene is probably the class of potassium-sparing diuretics that prevents the body from taking an excessive amount of salt, and also keeping a healthy potassium level in the blood. Hydrochlorothiazide belongs to the class of thiazide diuretics which prevents the body from absorbing more salt, thus preventing fluid retention.

The way it works: Triamterene HCTZ is frequently referred as a “water pill”. Both Triamterene and HCTZ is a diuretic that works together to keep the body’s electrolyte level in balance.

Hydrochlorothiazide is a diuretic which not just gets rid of excessive salts and water from the blood, but may also create low potassium levels in the body which might prove to be harmful. But, when Triamterene is used along with Hydrochlorothiazide, its blood potassium sparing nature helps to boost potassium levels in the blood. Triamterene and HCTZ when taken together, balances each other and keeps the electrolyte level in balance.

When the excess water and salt is removed from the blood, it’s excreted through urine. This leads a reduction in blood volume, which automatically results in decreased blood pressure.

Side effects: Triamterene Hctz side effects can, in rare cases, be fatal. This usually occurs if the sufferer is allergic to one of the ingredients that can be found in Triamterene, or due to other severe side effects for example trouble breathing or dysphagia (difficulty when swallowing).

Conclusion: Triamterene HCTZ is a prescription drug in the treating of blood pressure and edema. It is a combination drug which consists of two medications, which complements each other to maintain the body’s electrolyte level in balance. Triamterene HCTZ causes a decrease in blood volume and fluid retention by removing excess salt and water from the body. This makes the body’s blood volume to reduce leading to low blood pressure.

Triamterene Hctz should be stored only at room temperature i.e. faraway from light, heat and moisture. Avoid storing it in the bathing room and keep it in a light-resistant and tight container. It’s also important to keep this medicine beyond the reach of children and pets.

When the physician suggests Triamterene HCTZ, you may be in need of a diuretic. Learn more about dosages and potential side effects by taking a look at the site at now.

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