Tips On How To Successfully Conquer Addiction

August 22, 2012 0 Comments

Addiction or dependency on a substance is a complicated condition. Abusers experience a high feeling when they take drugs. When these addicts stop using the drug, withdrawal symptoms occur thus promoting the continued drug use to prevent the negative effects and maintain pleasure.

The longer the addict uses drugs, the harder it is to quit addiction. They are so occupied with pleasure from the side effects of the drugs that they forget to do the activities they enjoy with family, friends and workmates. Drug addiction may be a complex illness but addiction treatment is possible to overcome it.


Rationalization is the common defense mechanism used by abusers to cover up their mistakes and misfortunes. Losing their jobs, having legal issues, addiction-caused diseases, and broken relationships are often blamed to others and bad luck. Awareness is the key to a successful addiction recovery. When the person admits that he has a problem ad his addiction is the reason why his life is wrecked that’s the only time that therapy will be beneficial. This awareness will be the pushing force which could lead to change but drug abusers alone in the stage of addiction and denial couldn’t attain it. They need interventionist or a plan of intervention by the loved one to help the abuser deal with reality.


People who have undergone the same experiences as the abuser would be the most effective support of the addict who could give him advices towards recovery. Trust will be built easily if the client knows that he’ll not be rejected or judged since they’re on the same path of struggles. Recovering addicts who are helping other addicts recover are more inspired to keep his recovery plan alive.


Patients have a difficulty in showing their emotions to others. Brain chemicals are affected by the drug addiction and emotions are often affected. Sometimes addicts use drugs to cover up their fear, guilt or sadness for a very long time and it’ll take months to show their real feelings. They are unable to show feelings of joy, appreciation, and gratitude. They need time and practice to control their emotions and their cravings. Patience and humor are needed to attain emotional recovery.


Setting an objective is useful in attaining success in addiction recovery. Both short-term and long term objectives must be made to guide the patient into the right direction. It should be the patient’s aim to achieve his goals. Fulfilling a plan for a day would give the patient a sense of success thus supporting him to attain higher goals and bigger plans to remain sober. It would be very helpful if patient will ask for apology to the people affected by his addiction. Through this he will have a clear conscience and be free from any guilt.

Helping Others

The patient who recovered from addiction should share his success story to others so that they will be benefited from it. Addicts who have successfully lived sober lives are a constant inspiration to abusers and will give them hope that they too could do the same. Self-help groups need new recovering addict to give his share of thoughts and methods to help abusers who are still struggling.

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