Treatments For Substance Abuser And Dual Diagnosis Patients

July 5, 2012 0 Comments

To preserve the emotional and psychological balance of a patient who suffers from substance abuse and mental disorder, rehabilitation centers offer dual diagnosis treatment recovery plans to eradicate both the issues at once. Substance abusers may find themselves facing the side effects of dependency like financial issues, personal or job related problems and health concerns. Dual diagnosis condition is usually experienced by individuals who are mentally disabled because of addiction to alcohol or drugs.

The initial procedure of treatments for dual diagnosis is detoxification. This process purifies the body from harmful deposits acquired from different abused substances. Patients may suffer from various withdrawal symptoms throughout the procedure which will be supervised by medical professionals. The assessment of the mental and behavioral condition of the patient will then be evaluated.

Proper medication and counseling are also included in the treatments for dual diagnosis which are administered by licensed medical therapists. Special attention, care and affection are given to sufferers to motivate them in dealing with the various side effects of substance abuse. The success of the treatment program may differ depending on the level of the patient’s addiction, other health issues and the dedication of the patient to get out of his addiction quickly.

The cooperation of the patient with medical specialists is a very important aspect to his recovery. Sometimes the treatment requires longer periods of time and more complex process. Substance abuse medications for dual diagnosis will help abusers free their minds from all types of disorders and disturbances. Many medical professionals advise patients to undergo a 12 week treatment that involves therapy, medication, counseling and other important activities.

When a person abuses drugs or alcohol, his daily work performances will also be affected. This may result to failing grades in school, missing a promotion or getting fired from the job. Substance abuse will also pose potential risks of getting involved in road accidents for drivers who operate an automobile while intoxicated.

There are many side effects of substance abuse that can be dealt with through the treatment programs in accredited rehabilitation facilities. Both mental and physical health issues of sufferers are properly medicated to obtain a successful recovery. Treatment plans can be available for all types of substance abusers.

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